Parent Hack #1

Remember what it was like to shower without interruptions?

Remember what it was like to shower without interruptions? If you feel like shower time is far and few in between because you’ve dedicated all your time to the kids, don’t get down on yourself. Sometimes life as a parent makes us all forget to do some self-care. We all need to remember, we were individuals before we were parents and from time to time, it’s more than okay to treat ourselves.

Do you remember giving yourself a bath or standing in a nice, hot shower just because it felt good? This may seem like a thing of the past, but with this hack you can reclaim it back!

Put the kids to bed a half hour earlier than normal, bring the baby monitor into the bathroom with you, then start your own mini late night spa session! If you hate having wet hair for bed like I do, then try this… hop out of bed 20 minutes earlier than usual and find yourself refreshed for the day!

Trust me — I have teens, toddlers, and school aged girls calling Mommy at all hours of the day! If I’m not running around trying to help my toddler out of an outfit she got stuck in, then I’m running around breaking up fights between the two teens. Using a baby monitor helps me listen to all their nonsense and at the same time, if need be, to rip them a new one when the situation calls for it.