Do You Like Free Stuff?

Parent Hack #2 – How to Get Free Stuff

If you like free stuff, then this is the post for you! Do you have a bunch of great or mildly worn items tucked in your basement? Wanna get rid of those old tools to make room for new ones? Do you have toys that your kids don’t play with anymore?

Maybe you need a new tea set or a circuit bicycle. Perhaps, the children need a new desk or dresser. Or maybe, you’re looking for a patio refresh?

These days, coronavirus and budget falls, have us all finding new ways to save a pretty penny. It brings me back to the days of having my very first piggy bank and all that was in there were a few pennies I’d found under the couch.

free stuff
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Enter my favorite parent hack, compliments of my husband — The Freecycle Network — a non-profit community of people just like you and me looking to give stuff away and if you’re willing to search the site, people can opt-in to receive that free stuff!

This isn’t your run of the mill recommendation. I’ve actually used this site on more than one occasion and guess what… I have an 8 person patio set in great condition because of this site.

When my husband needed a trunk for his cop gear, we found someone giving away a brand new one. When we had a box of really good toys and board games, up it went for free.

What Can You Find or Give Away on Freecycle

  • Furniture (old and new, used and not used)
  • Electronics (TVs, Computers, Monitors, etc)
  • Exercise Equipment (Treadmills, Weights, Circuit Bicycles, etc)
  • Toys and Board Games
  • Clothes and Shoes (women, men, children, infants)
  • Storage Equipment (bins, shelves, file cabinets, etc)
  • Tools (power tools, battery operated, hand used, etc)
  • Masonry (bricks, cinder blocks, tile, etc)
  • Hardware and Lumber
  • Lawn and Gardening Equipment (seeds, potters, mowers, etc)
  • Books and Music
  • Lighting
  • Fabric

The list just keeps on going! There are so many items to find and so much that can be given away, of course after you’ve mastered decluttering.

How to Join Freecycle

This part is easy. It’s free to join. They have locations as groups. You choose which locations you want to be a part of. The admin for each group will review and give you access.

Gaining access to each group is quick. You simply click “Join Group” and you’re given immediate access. That’s it. It really is that simple.

Take a gander and check out the stuff listed — I guarantee you’ll be shocked by the items you find and the condition you find them in.