8 Tips to Fight and Improve Dry Facial Skin

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by Troop Atomic Mommy

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The effort it takes to deal with dry skin can only be understood by someone who goes through it. Not only does the makeup look caky and rough, but the skin also feels irritable, itchy and flakey which is quite uncomfortable. If you are the one suffering from dry skin condition, we would recommend you to follow these basic steps to improve your skin condition. 

No Hot Water Showers

Hot water showers are like an enemy for dry skin because hot water takes away the natural oil from the body which is necessary for keeping it hydrated. It is recommended to bath with lukewarm water and also your bath time limit should not exceed 10-15 minutes because the longer you are under shower there are more chances of drying out natural oils.

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Gentle soaps and cleansers 

A person having dry skin should never use harsh chemical based cleansers which promises a deep cleanse. Instead mild fragrance free, non-anti-bacterial and gentle soaps or cleansers should be used. Ceramide based cleansers are also useful for dry skin as they have the property to lock the moisturizer in the skin.

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Say no to alcohol based products

Any alcohol based product whether it’s a cleanser, toner, scrub or a makeup settler is strictly not for dry skin. Alcohol is known for its ability to take the moisture away and dries out the skin. 

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Scrubbing might irritate the skin

For dry skin holders scrubbing might not be an ideal thing as by deep cleansing it takes the natural moisture away and can make the skin irritable. Experts recommend to use a scrub only once a week. Using peels, chemical exfoliates and even harsh scrubs can make a dry skin worse or even can cause damage.  

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Sun protection is a must 

SPF is a must-use for all skin types, but for dry skin, it is a necessity. Sun rays, high temperatures and heat can damage the dry skin if there is no barrier of SPF on it. One should always wear a sunscreen and should cover up their skin to protect it from premature aging.

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The importance of a moisturizer is like an essential item of life. Buy a thick moisturizer with loads of hydrating properties and use it day and night. A moisturizer works best when used on a little damp skin plus it should immediately be used after a bath. While moisturizing your face and neck do not forget your hands, feet and overall body.

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Lip Balm

Lips need hydration as much as any other part pf the body. To avoid chapped and cracked lips do not forget to hydrate your lips with a good lip balm. 

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Face oil 

If you want to see a miraculous change in your skin condition, try using facial oils. There are many facial oils available and each one serves its own purpose. Select an oil of you preference and massage it gently at night before using a moisturizer. 

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The Takeaway

Dry skin starts from within. Removing toxic products from your facial skincare routine can help alleviate the symptoms, but the best method of reviving dry skin is to start eating cleaner and exercising. Your natural glow, moisture, and fresh feeling skin will only return when you embark on a 360 degree routine of skin care.

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