4 Ways Your Home Decor Can Influence Your Health

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Is there one room in your home that makes you feel at peace or calm or energetic? Maybe you don’t realize it, but your home decor can and does influence your health.

Everyone wants to find ways to maintain their health and well-being both in the body and the mind. But, while people often look for gym memberships or weekly walks around the neighborhood, they neglect to consider how their home can impact their health. Of course, air quality and your diet can play a factor, but you should also consider your decor and how that can affect how you feel when you wake up in the morning and come home from work. 

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The Color Of the Walls 

If you’ve ever read Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, you know how the color of the walls can affect someone’s mental well-being. It’s unlikely that you will experience the same issues her protagonist did, but picking the right color for your home can lead to better health. You already know that different colors can symbolize different emotions and feelings, whether calm and tranquility or anger, so think about what color your walls are and ask yourself if this has an impact on your well-being. 

The Little Things Around the House

It takes time to transform a house into a home, but how you decorate can have a significant impact. These trinkets give you the chance to show off your personality, so you can immediately show people exactly who you are when they walk through the door. Some people will hang art or posters from classic movies, others prefer shelves upon shelves of books. Others love walls of family photographs or flag display cases to celebrate a loved one’s legacy. These little things add emotional value to your home and will make you feel surrounded by love.

The Amount Of Clutter 

It is impossible to focus in a messy home, and if you have kids, you know all about this already. This is especially true if you work from home, and managing the mess is crucial for ensuring productivity. Without this, you will feel a great deal of stress and get to a point where you give up trying to keep everything clean. Reducing the clutter will improve your mood and allow you to come back to a house that you love. Don’t make this solely your responsibility; getting everyone to help out is a great strategy!

The Furniture Layout 

When putting deciding on furniture, you might not think about how the layout will affect your health. There are elements of your layout that could cause issues, though. You might not leave enough space to move freely around the home. It might feel cramped or awkward. If you want to do a home workout, there may not be enough room on the floor to stretch and make the most of it. All of this can compound into you dreading even being in your living room. 

Consider a minimalist approach to creating your living space. This will allow you to add clarity pieces of furniture without overwhelming your senses or creating a crowding sensation.

The Takeaway

You should feel safe, comfortable, and healthy whenever you are at home, so if you feel stressed, anxious, or simply in a slump that you cannot explain, it could be something to do with your home decor. Take a moment to consider how your house makes you feel and think about ways you could improve it. 

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