Reusable Diapers | The Sustainable Option For Babies

by Neha Divan

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Diapers are an essential baby product, and as a parent, you’re often faced with the dilemma of picking the best option for your child. This is because you want only the best and safest elements to touch their soft and supple skin. Reusable diapers, also known as cloth diapers, are fantastic options, and they are no longer the same cloth diapers that our parents used. 

Modern-day cloth diapers have evolved a lot. They are a great alternative to disposable diapers that are not the best option for your baby or the environment. Reusable, cloth diapers have gained popularity amongst parents and for all the right reasons. They are comfortable and safe for your baby as they are more breathable as compared to their disposable counterparts. Plus, they are environmentally friendly.

Why you should consider reusable diapers for your little one:

  • Comfortable & Soothing to Baby’s Skin

Natural fabrics like cotton are used in the making of cloth diapers. Some companies also go to the extent of using organic cotton. These fabrics are soft and soothing on your child’s sensitive skin. One more reason for reusable diapers being more comfortable is the minimal use of toxic chemicals.

  • Fewer Diaper Rashes

Your baby can get a diaper rash because of moist skin, yeast infection, and skin irritation. The natural and soft fabric present in cloth diapers doesn’t irritate their skin. And these are breathable diapers, so they allow enough air inside to dry their skin. Thus, your baby gets none or fewer rashes.

  • Minimal Harmful Chemicals

Are you apprehensive about the toxic chemicals touching the delicate skin of your child’s bottom? It’s perfectly justified as the skin of your baby is thin and permeable. Chemicals present in disposable diapers can easily pass through their skin barriers. Here comes one more benefit of reusable diapers! They contain fewer chemicals in comparison to disposable diapers.

  • Cost-Effective

Even if you buy the most expensive cloths diapers with inserts, they prove economical in the long run. This is because these are washable diapers and can be used multiple times. You can start by buying as few as 16 diapers. The savings by reusing the diaper adds up to a handsome amount by the end of the year.

Reusable diapers are great for sustainability in the following ways:

  • Non-Pollutant

Reusable diapers don’t use polymer crystals which are harmful chemicals when released into the environment. The manufacturing of cloth diapers needs fewer raw materials and energy resources. It is easy on electricity and fuel consumption. As a result, they don’t add much to carbon emission and depletion of the ozone layer. All these factors make these diapers planet-friendly.

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  • Reduction in Landfills

Disposable diaper waste is one of the reasons for methane gas production in landfills. It also increases water contamination in many areas. Because of this fact, reducing pollution from landfills is one of the major concerns of 21St century environmentalists. Reusable diapers help a lot in cutting down air and water pollution in our landfills.

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To Sum Up…

Reusable diapers are eco-friendly and great for the delicate skin of your little angel. They fulfill your aspiration of using the safest and best diapers for your precious baby. So, go green with Reusable Diapers and make this world a better place to live in for your growing child.

Neha is a toddler-mom and also works on the content team at SuperBottoms, a baby product brand that develops innovative, reusable and sustainable products, like the No.1 best-selling reusable cloth diaper in India. She is passionate about empowering parents with her content to help make parenting a little easier and a lot more fun. She often writes from the first-hand experience and has a knack for presenting her ideas clearly which lets her readers connect with her content. Arts & crafts are her things and she also loves coming up with fun and healthy recipes for kids.

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