Top 20 Gifts To Buy Teen Girls That They’ll Actually use

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by Kimberly Pangaro | Kimberly is a mom of four daughters and the owner of the lifestyle parenting media company Atomic Mommy. When she’s not running her company or momming all day, she’s writing about family life.

The links below lead to affiliates I work with. It’s my job to tell you that if you click on any of them, I may earn a commission. Even though they lead to affiliates, the items I linked below were all purchased, by me, before I ever became an affiliate to any of them. So, this is my honest opinion of the best gifts to get teen girls.

Every year, I end up searching like crazy on the internet for the top gifts to buy my two teen girls only to be told that the ideas online are dumb and make no sense. So, in an effort to help other parents struggling to find gift ideas for their teen daughters, I’ve pulled every list my teen daughters ever gave me to compile a real list of things to buy teen girls that will actually be used.

And let’s face it, with the recent news reports about shortages in supply chains and shipping delays everywhere, starting your gift shopping as soon as possible is probably a really good idea!

So, let’s get to the list of the top gifts to buy teen girls in 2021 that they’ll actually use!

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#1 Shein Silk Pajamas

#2 Urban Outfitters Happy Fleece Robe

#3 Huda Beauty Legit Easy Eye Duo

#4 Huda Beauty Mini Skin Wishes

#5 Cooluli 12L Mini Beauty Refrigerator

#6 Fotodiox Selfie Vlog Pro Ring Light And Studio Stand Set

#7 Fujifilm UO Exclusive Mini Link Smartphone Printer

#8 Slip Silk Eye Mask

#9 ROSEN Skincare Super Smoothie Cleanser

#10 Crop Sherpa Half Zip Sweater

#11 Oculus Quest 2

#12 VISA Gift Card

#13 Apple Air Pods Pro

#14 Gel Manicure Kit with UV Light

#15 Crocs Classic Clog with Jibbitz Charms

#16 50 FT. Neon LED Light Strip For Bedroom Decor

#17 CE Craft Smells Like Harry Styles Scented Candle

#18 Gift Certificate for a Full Body Massage (buy at your local spa)

#19 Gift Certificate for a Hydro Facial (buy at your local dermatologist/spa)

#20 One YES Day (with a few rules and boundaries)

And that’s the list! Hand to my heart, both of my teen daughters have been given all of these gifts over the passed few years and to this day, some of the items on this list have been given additional requests by them (like the YES day). Hopefully, this holiday season, this list will make your gift shopping a bit easier.

Stay tuned for the next gift guide.

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