Camsterdam | A Dirty Truth

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Camsterdam” by Simon Fidler — Is a chilling truth bomb that sends shivers up your spine!

I’m not a huge fan of political pieces or novels; I can barely manage watching the news these days. So, when I originally signed up to read and review a few books (FOR FREE), I had no idea what I’d be getting myself into. Out of the thousands I’ve received to review, this book by Simon Fidler was certainly one I was dreading.

The dread in my head was completely wrong!

Without giving too much away, I will share with you my personal review of the book: I highly recommend giving this a good read near an open fire, wrapped up in a blanket with some Chardonnay.

About the Author

In 2007, Simon Fidler was accused of and detained for breaking Schedule 7 anti-terror laws. He was not provided an attorney and because of this, Simon ended up spending over a decade on the terrorist watch-list, though he was never actually convicted of any crime prior to that moment. After years of battling to regain his credibility and his life back, he appealed his case in January of 2020.

Who’s this book for?

This book is for people who love details meant to entrench you into a soul-bearing and true account of gristly truths that will shake your mindset into the realities of a corrupt government.

If you enjoy non-fiction stories full of corruption, gestapo-like tactics, and citizens’ lives being destroyed by their own country’s government — then this book is for you.

Who’s this book not for?

Many people over the last few years have grown completely numb from the polarizing news. So, this book may not be for you if you’re tired of reading about a government turning on its own people. Also, if you’re an American (like I am), some of the concepts in this book may elude you, however, it is still worth the read.

Key Points:

Full of corruptive practices based on truth

First-hand experience leading the story

Based in the UK

Shares personal insights of emotional well-being

Embeds informational value into the book for readers wanting to learn

The Takeaway

While I had to spend a great deal of time researching some of the laws mentioned in this book, which took me a great deal of time (ya know, because I run a company), I inevitably found myself enjoying it a great deal. It is an absolute terrifying true tale about a person’s life and being wronged on so many levels. Simon does a great job toggling with the notion that his government was aiming to destroy his credibility while also scanning himself for bouts of mental illness. It is my honest opinion, that his writing style is what kept me at the edge of my seat while continuing to read through his story. AND it will certainly be the reason why you feel the same as you read his book.

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