Meet the Instagram Chef Mom Making Waves in the Kitchen

In this Q & A, with chef and former stay-at-home mom – Jourdyn Phillips, we learn how to use what we know to grow passed our own limitations.

by Kimberly Pangaro

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Hello, Hello, Hello! Thank you for joining us on this superb day as I host a special Q & A chat with an amazing mom, woman, and Insta-Fabulous Chef — Jourdyn Phillips, better known for her Instagram page as

You call her Jourdyn and I call her Wonder Chef! She’s a mom who loves to cook and share her recipes. Her Instagram is all about showing how cooking can be fun and easy! Want a 1-2-3 easy recipe? She’s your go-to gal!

So, please welcome my very special guest — Jourdyn Phillips. It is an honor and my absolute privilege to have you join me today for this conversation. I am very excited to introduce you to the readers and followers of my site.

Ready to Dive in? First, Here are 3 Fun Facts About Jourdyn:

#1 Before she was a stay-at-home mom, her full-time job was working as a hospice nurse.
That means she helped people who have been given less than six months to live.

#2 She wasn’t a good cook at the beginning of her cooking journey.

#3 She started because during her first pregnancy (with Charli),
she couldn’t handle any food other than some good old fashioned home cooked meals.

Jourdyn Phillips
Photo Provided by Jourdyn Phillips
Without further adieu, let’s start our Q & A with Cooking.With.Charlis.Mom

Tell us who you are and what you stand for.

Hello my name is Jourdyn also known as Cooking with Charlis Mom on Instagram. I love sharing recipes and fun cooking videos on my page to show others how cooking can be fun and easy! I started my cooking page on instagram about 3 years ago. It started off as a hobby and has kind of grown into this fun new platform. I have always enjoyed helping people and now with my page I can help others create a delicious meal to enjoy with their family. I’m currently a stay at home mom but I was a hospice nurse for 3 years. Between working full time and being a full time mom I
understand how dinner time can be a hassle. My cooking page is about making easy healthy recipes that don’t take hours to make in the kitchen.

What inspired you to start a cooking page on Instagram?

“I really started cooking when I was pregnant with my daughter Charli (hence my name Cooking with Charli’s mom). I remember craving home cooked meals and would get sick every time I would go out to eat. So I embarked on my cooking journey and tried to learn how to make yummy dinners.”

How old is Charli now and has your cooking inspired her to join the journey?

“Charli is now 7 and she loves helping me in the kitchen any way she can. I always try to give the girls something to do in the kitchen. Growing up I never really helped my mom in the kitchen so when I became an adult and had to start cooking on my own I was completely lost. I think its important to get kids involved with making dinner because not only are they learning but you’re also getting bonding time. Plus if you have a picky eater it helps them get excited to eat dinner because they helped you make it. I learned that with my step daughter Jayde, she is a picky eater but when she helps me in the kitchen she feels like she made dinner and its not a fight to get her to eat.”

Were you always a good cook or did you have epic blunders like many of us?

“I wasn’t always a good cook believe it or not! I use to find recipes online and follow them to a T. It would take me hours sometimes to get dinner on the table but I took what I learned and eventually was able to create recipes of my own. Taking things that I like from other recipes and adding my own spin on it. That’s the fun of cooking! You can find a recipe and tweak it to how you like it. Many of my friends are intimidated when it comes to cooking because they’re afraid they are going to mess it up. I tell them WHO CARES! If you don’t try you’ll never get better at cooking. There will be many trial and airs but you have to keep coming back to the kitchen and learning.”

What is your favorite meal to cook?

“I always say my favorite time of the day is dinner time. I love creating a delicious meal and gathering around our dinner table to talk about our day. It gives my husband and girls something to look forward to after a long hard day of work/school.

What’s one thing you love sharing on your Instagram page?

“On my page not only will you find easy recipes to make but they are also healthy. I also started doing tip Tuesdays, so every Tuesday I post a video of an easy tip in the kitchen. I think tips are super helpful and sometimes you can’t always get your tips and tricks across in cooking videos. You can find snack ideas on my page, easy meal prep ideas and even desserts. I try to live a healthy lifestyle by working out and coming up with healthy recipes. That doesn’t mean I don’t splurge and enjoy a not so healthy meal from time to time. I’m not a professional and I never went to culinary school. I’m just a mom who loves to feed her family and create new fun recipes in the kitchen.”

If you had one piece of advice to give to others, what would it be?

“One thing I hope people take away from this interview is, “Don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to
mess up a dinner because in order to get better at something you just need to practice.” If anyone has questions or needs any help, I’m always here to help. Just send me a message and I can answer any questions. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!”

Final Thoughts

From one former stay-at-home mom to another… I can honestly say that growing into an amazing self-made entrepreneur is something worth marveling at. Jourdyn Phillips makes it look super easy and her recipes are definitely a life saver! If you are looking for an easy 1-2-3 recipe or just want a reminder that there is more to look forward to in life… then she’s your gal!

Photo provided by Jourdyn Phillips. She is also on Instagram as:

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