Your Child Left Out: How To Cope If Your Child Is Excluded From a Party

If your child is excluded from a party, you’ll need these 7 funny tips to from a mom this happened to. Read the guide now!

by Bronwyn Marcus

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Well, what do you do when your child is excluded from a party? I’ll tell you how I’m handling it.

You could say I am a little flustered! Sitting in church yesterday was all about not complaining and today, this is exactly what I am doing.

Epic Fail!

My son’s entire group of friends were invited to a child’s party but my son was excluded, unapologetically, by the child’s mother. While we are not going to always get along with everyone, we should never take it out on the kids.

I like to think that I can be an ‘adult’ about this and just agree to disagree, but I may be acting out passive-aggressively by writing this article.

As flustered as I am over my son’s exclusion, I’ve come up with a funny list of things to do, in case this happens to you. Not saying I did all of them or that you should either, but the thoughts were there.

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#1 Whatsapp the ‘evil’ mother with words of profanity

This would be fun and 100% warranted, but I realized it wouldn’t be too mature of a response. Though, I would still love to do it! It would not accomplish anything. It would just raise my blood levels and make me look bad. She would probably block me from social media and then I couldn’t stalk her social media, haha 🙂 just kidding…..or am I?

#2 Get all my friends to boycott the party

This mom does not realize the power that I have to totally ruin her child’s party, but I would NEVER do that! It is so wrong to let any issues, that adults have with one another, affect the children. She may have taken a knock at my boy and this mama bear is mad about it, but I will not stoop to her level.

#3 Lambasting the mom all over social media

Yes, this would feel great! I could vent and use very blatant naming and shaming posts, or even the ones where you say a whole lot without really saying anything. Hints and cleverly phrased words put in the right spots could really push the right people to know exactly who you are talking about, without being sued. Again, it would just add fuel to the fire and bring no solution. So, “No” not to that. I may post to ask for advice though, I need all the help I can get!

#4 Arrive at the party anyway (it’s in a public park)

This is a tough one! I am so tempted to do this and I am still debating on this one. I mean what can she say or do? Absolutely nothing. I could sit at the coffee shop and have coffee while my son plays with the kids at the park, he won’t know he wasn’t invited, and it’s a win! Plus the look on her face when I arrive, would be priceless.

No. I think I have to face this problem by letting it go. 

#5 Pray for her

This would be the more acceptable response, as the bible says to pray for your enemies and turn the other cheek. I’m very torn as I know this is what I should do, but my struggle is real!

I’m only human, a loving mom that is deeply concerned for her child and I hate injustices. At the end of the day, she has to answer to the same God as me. I can only be held accountable for the way I handle a bad situation. I cannot freak out over the things I cannot control! I actually have to put it in God’s hands.

#6 Explain to my child the unfairness of life

This is a difficult one and it’s not like my son has not had his share of disappointments. This is more of a rejection. The sad thing is, we are all going to face rejection in life, whether it be through friend circles or job offers, we have to be secure in who we are!

It’s OK to not be invited to every party! He isn’t a bad kid. He has lots of other friends. It’s going to be OK. He can see his friends any other time. And you know what I will tell him… to invite these kids to his party even though they didn’t invite him to theirs. Life isn’t about retaliation. Rather, it is better to always be true to yourself. Be kind and stand up for yourself, when need be.

#7 Have our own party

I have to give this a little more thought but I will do something with him instead. We can make it special and do something fun, totally getting his mind off one irrelevant, unkind person. I can go all out with birthday balloon decor if I really want, and hire entertainers for our home party.

I know if I take this route, it’ll make my kid feel super special and then he won’t feel like he missed out.

 What are your thoughts? How will you handle things if your child is excluded from a party ? Please leave your comments below.

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