7 Ways to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle in Kids

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Kids these days are growing up in a world that is more “plugged in” than ever before and it’s easy for them to lose sight of how fun a healthier lifestyle can be. But, what if we could teach our children about healthy habits? In this article, we will outline seven ways you can encourage your kids to live healthy lives!

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#1 Get Active With Them

A great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your kids is to ensure they are getting their daily dose of exercise. Studies show that adults and children should get at least 30 minutes of activity per day. If you have a toddler, then there are plenty of fun activities that can help them burn off energy and learn new skills as well! Running around the playground or going for a walk with mommy is one example. Playing catch outside together, is another option that will allow parents to bond with their kids while learning about each other’s athletic abilities along the way! This will also teach them how much fun it is to spend time outdoors in nature.

#2 Encourage Healthy Socialization

Children today spend an awful lot of time indoors and are becoming more anti-social by the minute. Make sure that they get plenty of chances to go outside and play with friends so they can develop social skills while having fun. This will help them stay active, which is one of the most important things for young children to build a foundation for healthy habits later on in life.

#3 Limit Television Time

Unfortunately, many parents are stuck in the habit of putting their children in front of a television. This is not conducive for a healthy lifestyle for kids. The more time your kids spend watching TV and playing video games, the less active they will be, and this creates bad habits that can be tough to break later in life. It is recommended that no more than one hour per day maximum be allowed when it comes to screen time for young children, so try setting up some limits with your family if necessary. 

#4 Cook Healthy Meals Together

Parents these days are so busy that they often resort to fast food or takeout options, but this is a habit you need to break as soon as possible! The healthier choice for your family would be to all sit down together and have a meal prepared from scratch by one of the parents. A quick, easy, and healthy option would be a one pot recipe. A one pot recipe will always be a winner as there will be hardly any dirty dishes that need to be washed up after the meal. Cooking easy meals like this will help children learn how easy it can be to make healthy meals at home rather than buying out all the time.

#5 Provide A Variety Of Healthy Snacks

Make sure that you have plenty of healthy snacks in the cupboard, so your children always have something to choose from when they get hungry. Some excellent options include apples, nuts, carrots, and celery sticks paired with some peanut butter spread onto them. This makes for an easy-to-make snack that will provide nutrients as well as give kids energy!

#6 Healthy Hygiene Routine

Another important thing for parents to instill in their children is a healthy hygiene routine. Make sure that everyone in your family gets at least one proper shower each day so they can keep clean from head to toe. Oral hygiene is also extremely important, and teaching your children the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth every day, at least twice a day, will help ensure a healthy mouth!

#7 Have a Regular Bedtime

Getting your children off to bed at a regular time each evening is also of high importance. This will help their sleep schedule remain consistent and encourage them to get plenty of rest every night. If you have young kids, then it might be best for them to go to bed earlier than the older ones as they need more hours of sleep per day due to the fact that they are still growing so rapidly.

The Takeaway

If you want your kids to live a healthy lifestyle, then try incorporating these activities into your daily or weekly schedule as much as possible. You’ll find that living healthier together brings joy back into the home because everyone feels better when they eat well, get plenty of exercise, and participate in regular self-care routines.

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