5 Great Disney Gift Ideas For Expectant Parents

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Finding out someone you love is pregnant can be a wonderful time. The excitement of adding a new baby to a family can bring out the very best in people. Naturally, the first thing people want to do when they find out someone is pregnant is buy a gift. But what kind of gift does one give expectant parents?

Whether you know someone expecting or you are the person expecting, we’ve managed to compile a great list of Disney gift ideas, just for you.

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It’s not a huge secret that many parents are Disney lovers. And if you’re not a Disney lover, chances are that if you’re an expectant parent, you’re on your way to loving Disney.

Sharing this passion with a new baby can be done in so many unique ways. You can cultivate an entire Disney themed nursery or stock up on baby toys and outfit selections of a favorite Disney character.

But how can you find the right Disney themed gift for your loved one? After all, with so much Disney branded merchandise on the market, it can be hard to pick just one thing.

In the first instance, you need to find out their favorite character. Disney is about more than just Princesses and Mickey Mouse. Disney fandoms also include Marvel Star Wars and Pixar, too. Do some investigating on what you or your expecting friends may like in terms of themes for their nursery or clothing before purchasing anything. This will help you decide which of the following categories, to shop for.


A new parent will likely need many new accessories for their new addition—both for them and the baby. Think about a Disney themed changing bag, changing mat, a Disney bouncer from Foryourlittleone or a blanket to keep baby warm. Or maybe they need a lightsaber torch to find their way in the dark during nighttime feeds. Get creative and look for practical yet on-point Disney accessories.


You can get Disney themed clothing from many retailers for both parents and babies. How about a Darth Vader robe or an Incredibles jumper for expectant parents, perfect for those lazy days and long nights. Choose organic cotton for babies where possible to ensure it is kinder to babies skin and is comfortable.


Disney stories are classics. And now there are so many different stories you can choose from eating both new and old characters. Allow your loved ones to regale their favorite Disney stories to their newborns to help start their love of Disney early and give them a thoughtful gift they can use for many years to come.

Personalized Gifts

Is there anything more thoughtful for a newborn gift than something personalised with the new baby name on it? For this one, you need to wait until the name is confirmed. Still, you can personalise a great many items, from wooden name plaques for the nursery to clothing, ornaments, memory books and more—all featuring some of Disney’s finest to welcome the addition.


Now, if you are feeling particularly generous, then a pre-birth babymoon is like a honeymoon, except it is taken before the baby’s birth, not after a wedding. This won’t be for all expectant parents, but giving them the trip of a lifetime to one of the Disney parks can give them a way to remember their pregnancy with wonderful baby bump pictures and memories of their favorite place.

The Takeaway

Disney themed gift ideas are a great way to indulge the Disney lover in your life. Whether it’s a Disney themed baby gift or a weekend babymoon to Disneyland or even a more extended visit to one of the bigger international parks, the only limit is your generosity.

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