Fun Foods To Cook With Kids

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Encouraging your kids to get busy in the kitchen is a great way to get them more interested in food, which means they are more likely to try new things and less likely to be fussy when it comes to mealtimes. This is why having a list of fun foods to cook with the kids is so important!

Let’s face it, getting kids to help you cook normal, everyday foods is a bit boring for them. So, it’s a good idea to find a set of fun recipes you can cook together, if you want to encourage them to get more involved.

With that in mind, here are some cooking ideas that your kids are sure to love cooking:

#1 Homemade pizza

What kid doesn’t like pizza? Most children love to eat the cheesy deliciousness that is  a slice of pizza, so if you want to get them interested in cooking, it’s a really good place to start. It’s also really simple, too. Have them help you knead the dough and let them pick out their favorite topping, which they can arrange into a silly face or something else fun, and you will have no trouble getting them to eat that day!

#2 Bread and Butter Pudding

If you haven’t heard of bread and butter pudding, let us assure you it’s very tasty and super easy to make. It is even a good way to use up any leftover bread you may have hanging around. As this bread pudding recipe shows, the British dessert is also pretty easy to make – it’s more of an assembly job than anything else, which again, makes it perfect for getting the kids involved in a safe way that won’t cause you too many headaches for the head chef.

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#3 Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are simple and there probably isn’t a kid in the world who doesn’t love them. Naturally, this is a fantastic and fun choice for getting kids in the kitchen. You can make these basic treats more fun by setting up a decorating station with icing, sprinkles, and even fun-shaped cutters, to get the kids excited bout doing a bit of baking.

#4 Parmesan Zucchini Fries

Healthy food can be a fun food for the kids to make. Plus, a bit of cheese added in, never hurts when trying to get kids to eat this healthy treat. This is why you might want to get them involved in making healthy parmesan zucchini fries. Show them how to chop a zucchini lengthwise, so that they resemble fries, and then sprinkle the zucchini fries with garlic salt, sea salt, and a little parmesan, and bake in the oven until golden. The kiddies will be saying “YUM!”.

#5 Rainbow Salad Jars

If your kids won’t touch a vegetable, get them a mason jar and encourage them to make it look as pretty as possible by decorating it with layers of their favorite fruits and veggies – all different colors, of course. This will be a visually stimulating snack that the kids won’t be able to ignore.

The Takeaway

Getting kids in the kitchen to cook can sound like a hardship rather than an enjoyable experience, but with fun foods and a bit of patience, cooking can be a great bonding moment for all involved. More importantly, it can really get your kids engaged with food.

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