5 Travel Tips For The Family

Planning to travel with the family can be a difficult task without proper planning. That’s why having a few travel tips up your sleeve could be the difference between a happy trip and a nasty one. Here’s 5 for you to try.

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According to AAA, there were 53.4 million people expected to travel for Thanksgiving. While, the Vacationer places expectations for Christmas travel at around 122 million. With those numbers, it’s obvious that people are looking forward to sharing the holidays with family and friends. But holiday travel is no picnic. It can be stressful and daunting, especially as a family or a first time parent. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help ease the holiday travel stress.

#1 Plan early and thoroughly.

The more you plan, the less you have to worry about. Book everything well in advance: flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, zoo visits, and the like. Reserve these as soon as you can. If you’re flying, follow some of my tips to prepare yourself such as using TSA Pre-Check. If you’re traveling with your car make sure your car maintenance is up to date. If you need a car on your trip, be sure to choose the right rental company, like StressFreeCarRental.com, and don’t forget to learn the rental car’s policies. Lastly, as part of your prep-work, create an itinerary with as much details as you can, to help keep you organized. 

#2 Know the COVID rules, before you visit.

We are still in a pandemic. So, it’s important that you know what is required wherever you go. That includes the airports, restaurants, and hotels that you visit. Every place you visit may have different requirements. The last thing anyone wants, is cancelled plans due to not being prepared for COVID safety precautions. As a precaution, bring plenty of masks and keep them on you!

#3 Pack efficiently and appropriately.

I don’t like to pay for checked bags if I can help it. Seeing my car brimming with bags makes me cringe a bit. I like to pack just what I need. If I am visiting for three days I don’t need ten outfits. I use packing cubes to keep things compressed and organized. When I travel down South in the winter, I don’t need to pack heavy coats and snow boots. Before staying at a hotel, I call ahead to ask if they provide cribs or pack n’ plays so I don’t have to bring mine. I have even left clothes at my parents’ home so I can even further minimize packing! I write all this to say, keep packing on the light side while still making sure everyone has what they need.

#4 Establish boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.

If you want people to wear masks while interacting with you and your family, say so. While visiting others, if the host asks you not to bring up politics or the last disastrous Thanksgiving, resect their wishes. If others disagree with your boundaries or you disagree with theirs, consider limiting your interactions. No one likes holidays to be disagreeable. Make sure everyone’s boundaries are known and respected.

#5 Don’t stress yourself out!

Holidays and holiday travel shouldn’t be stressful. Check in with yourself regularly to ensure you’re not stressing yourself out. If traveling right now isn’t for you, don’t do it! You don’t have to host dinner at your home if it won’t be an enjoyable experience for you. Feel free to pickup a holiday dinner or eat at a restaurant if cooking isn’t your thing. You should not be stressed during the holiday season. Make time for the things that bring you joy.

Have a Happy Holiday!

These are a few of my tried and true travel tips. If you have any tips of your own and are keen on sharing them, follow me on Twitter @MomWithNoPlan and share them with me there. Above all, Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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