5 Tips to Develop a Positive Outlook in Life

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You have probably heard this famous quote from Monty Python to “always look at the bright side of life” even in the worst times, but is it really that easy to have such a positive outlook in life? It may not be easy but it is definitely important. 

Everyone knows that having a positive outlook in life leads to a better and happier life. But for some reason, we focus on the negative. A lot of us suffer from negative thinking. As a result, we experience negative outcomes. So, in this article, I’d like to give you 5 tips to have a more positive outlook in life. 

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Why is keeping a positive outlook in life important?

Focusing on the positive can do a lot in having a happy, successful and healthy life. We can even say that a positive general outlook in life is the key to happiness.

If your outlook in life is positive, you set up positive forces that will bring positive results. Positive feelings give us the right energy to get things done and most importantly, positivity makes us more resilient. It guides and helps us through many tough times. 

On the other hand, if you have a negative outlook in life, you are more likely to experience negative situations. For example, if you start a business or relationship and feel negative about it, you will have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re more likely to have negative feelings about the future that will only lead to a cruel reality. 

Developing a positive outlook in life will have a positive impact in your life. You will have the power to shape the life you want. You will see the world in a more open way, and see opportunities not problems. Even in the worst situations, you can find the best way out. So, here are 5 truly helpful tips to help you develop a more positive outlook in life.

1. Keep positive and motivational notes 

Keeping motivational notes in a journal is one way to be more optimistic in life. They serve as reminders that life is good and that no situation is hopeless. As Ward Farnsworth said, “there is power in the words themselves”. 

Write a note to yourself such as “You can always edit a bad page” or “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”. My favorite quote to keep is from Pablo Picasso and it says, “Everything you can imagine is real”. 

It’s always good to have a notebook with you full of inspiring and motivational quotes. When you are in a bad situation, visiting your notes brings back positive feelings and energy. It’s a great reminder that no matter how bad your situation is, it’s not hopeless. 

2. Remain and focus on the present moment

Staying fully present in the moment is one of the secrets of being positive in life. Eckhart Tolle, the author of Power of Now, teaches us that by separating yourself from your mind, you can learn to fully accept the present, reduce the amount of pain and enjoy a better life in general. Because, the mind seeks control of our thoughts and behaviors.

Many of us worry or feel anxious about the future which we have no control over. But at the heart of Eckhart Tollle’s book, living in the present is a way to avoid the pain and sufferings in life. 

A lot of us tend to live in the past and future. One moment we are reminiscing about our mistakes, then we are worrying or planning for the future. We forget the most important time of our lives is NOW. To have a more positive outlook in life, we need to focus on the present moment. 

3. Build new habits

One fundamental tip for cultivating a positive outlook in life is to develop new habits that make you feel good and happy — whether it be calling up your close friends, being with nature, treating yourself to your favorite food or doing your favorite self care activity.

The idea is to find activities that are most rewarding to you and make them into habits. Discover new things you might enjoy and add them to your routine. This way you’ll start an upward spiral of growth and positivity. 

One of my favorite things to do when I’m faced with challenges is to switch off to my happy place. This is where I detach myself from my phone, and meditate or journal. 

Remember to start with small things. Build habits to boost your mood. And if you’re consistent with them, it will build up to having a positive outlook in general. See the possibilities around you. 

4. Keep your attitude positive

If you aim to have a positive outlook in life, of course we need our attitude to be positive too. Our sufferings don’t disappear with a snap of a finger but our attitude can change in an instant. Attitude is something we have control over so it’s something we can work on. 

As the famous saying by Walt Whitman, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” Keep a positive attitude toward things and you will see your life and relationships get better. 

5. Expose yourself to positive people 

Your environment and the people around you play a huge role in developing a positive outlook in life. When you expose yourself to positive people, you will likely be more positive and emulate their attitude. 

Many experts recommend this and in my personal experience, my life became better when I cut ties with toxic people. Cull your social media and unfollow people who don’t add value to your happiness. Choose wisely!

The Takeaway

You can face obstacles with optimism. Whatever situation you are in, you can cultivate a positive attitude and remember to stay present. Stop clinging to your past and worrying about the future.

Being positive literally increases your range of vision. It opens our perceptions and a world of possibilities. It might take a lot of effort and some work, but you can learn to have a positive outlook in life. Stay positive!

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