6 Ways to Plan a Stress-Free Baby Shower During the Holidays

by Andrea Smith | Andrea Smith is a mother of two living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She finds joy in knitting and wine.  

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Baby showers and holiday celebrations, all in one season, are overwhelming events to plan so close together. But it is also an opportunity for loved ones and friends to work together. A planning checklist helps in creating a seamless experience, and if done right, events will only last for 3-4 hours.

Let’s be clear before planning commences. You are the planner tasked with organizing the baby shower. Naturally, you’ll feel the excitement build, but you don’t need the panic that comes with it. Here are 6 ways to have a stress-free baby shower during the holidays.

#1 Ask for backup

It’s always great to have backup because planning a baby shower is a multiple-person job. You’ll need to delegate tasks because doing everything is a stress you don’t need. The person you choose to have by your side, should make the hosting more relaxing. Your helper can keep track of who gave what gift and other tasks of the like. She or he can also help with decorating, setup, and cleanup. And you know what comes next? The invitations. Online invitations work well, but a card means more as a keepsake. And let’s be honest the thank you card must look chic.  Plan to enlist your helpers, 3 to 4 weeks before the baby shower as the above are essential responsibilities.

#2 Consider Timing

Timing is a huge factor. The planning requires timing that suits mom-to-be. The 2nd trimester, or beginning of the 3rd, is an ideal time for a baby shower. Mama is more comfortable at this point and most likely, passed the morning sickness phase.

#3 Game ideas for all

Ask guests to bring games for the little ones and for the adults to play, too. Great low-pressure games to break the ice are Guess the Guest, Guess the Celebrity, or Diaper the Baby. Some fun kid-friendly games include lawn bowling, hide-and-seek, and ring-toss.

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#4 Stay on Budget 

If budget restrictions have you down, don’t let it, because it’s undue stress.  You CAN plan a Pinterest-worthy party while staying within a budget.

No need to go to the party store when there is a bevy of DIY blogs where the sky’s the limit. There are printable items you can print right from home and you can even create party favors. Not a DIY-er, try the Dollar Store. They have some excellent items to use for parties.

#5 Pick a decorating theme

It’s even better if decorating a simple color fits the décor in your home. It’s best to pick a theme color and match the balloons, banner, paper goods, and tablecloth. You can easily grab a theme kit from any retailer online. Be sure to order with enough time before the event, for delivery to be on time.

#6 Meal Prep 

An enjoyable showers includes the meal preparations. We know most showers are hosted in homes and the menu should go with the theme. While everyone eats, not everyone eats the same food. You need a fool-proof formula for this.

Buy a cake, pre-made dip, and get friends or family to bring a few homemade dishes, as this will lessen the stress. No pressure if you choose foods that don’t need to be served hot. Instead of buying new serving dishes ask some friends to borrow theirs. Also, grab a few petit fours rather than making treats yourself.

Prefer a buffet-style menu, set up your home with several serving dishes and don’t forget, you get to eat the leftovers.

The Takeaway  

Build a fun-filled and stress-free baby shower, with out-of-the-box baby shower ideas. Remember, your priority is honoring the mom-to-be with friendship and encouragement, especially if they are new parents. The bash’s main goal is to supply mommy and daddy with what they need when the baby arrives. When it’s all done, take the day after the baby shower off. You’ll need it. And get some of your friends and family to help you tackle the post-shower mess. 

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