Top 5 Affordable AND Hot New Year’s Dresses

woman in silver v neck long sleeved dress

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Why is it that every year, we struggle to find that perfect combination of sexy, cute, and affordable when searching for a New Year’s dress? It’s because there are way too many options out there! And if we’re being honest, who has the time to spend all that time searching for New Year’s dresses that are affordable AND sexy? We do and that’s why we’ve combed the internet for this year’s cutest dressed that will make you look and feel stunning without breaking the bank!

Get your purses, accessories, and fancy shoes ready… because we’ve put together an amazing list of the top 5 New Year’s dresses that are both affordable and totally hot! Trust us… you’ll definitely feel like the toast of the town in one of these!

#1 Anthropologie’s Shimmer V-Neck Tank Dress

Silver Shimmer v-Neck Halter Neck Tank Dress by Anthropologie
Photo Credit: Anthropologie

#2 Anthropologie’s Eva Franco Sequined Plaid Mini Dress

Strapless Black and White Plaid Sequin Mini Dress by Anthropologie
Photo Credit: Anthropologie

#3 H&M Two-tone Sequined Dress

Black and White V-Neck Wrap Dress Two-Toned Sequin by H&M
Photo Credit: H&M

#4 Urban Outfitter’s Bardot Mila Velvet Twist Back Dress

Velvet Blue Open Back New Year's Dress by Urban Outfitters
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

#5 Nasty Gal’s Animal Jacquard Satin V Neck Mini Dress

Satin V-Neck Mini Emerald Green dress for New Year's dresses from
Photo Credit: Nasty Gal

The Takeaway

Don’t let finding a New Year’s dress weigh you down. Whatever your body type is, finding the right dress should will make you feel confident, strong, and sexy. And if you’re not into any of these dresses or you’re looking for a little more down to earth style or maybe a little more mom style without all the v-necks and mini’s… then be sure to stay tuned for our next article on 2021’s Hottest New Year’s Dresses for Moms. While you wait, learn how to dress your body shape so you can buy THAT dress!

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