6 Tips for Teaching Your Toddler About Good Hygiene

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Teaching your toddler about good hygiene is essential to help them grow into a healthy and happy child. This article will discuss six tips for preparing your toddler for good hygiene. These tips are all designed to be straightforward for parents of toddlers, but they have been proven to work.

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#1 Keep Your Bathroom Stocked

Keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper, soap, hand towels or washcloths, toothbrush/toothpaste combo packs, mouthwash – anything else that might come in handy while trying to teach your little one how to take care of themselves.

#2 Make It Fun For Them To Brush Their Teeth

A fun way to get kids involved in taking care of their teeth is by brushing their teeth together at least twice a day. This will help them get used to brushing their teeth, and also, it’s a good time for you two to bond.

You can make this fun by singing songs together while you brush your teeth or letting them pick out what toothpaste they want. Just be careful if they are picking out something with fluoride in it. You don’t want them swallowing too much of it.

It is also important to remember that toddlers may resist brushing their teeth at first. An excellent way to teach your toddler about dental health is from a dentist; sometimes, they are more prone to listen to others. A good option is to visit https://bruggemandental.com for some great tips in this matter.

#3 Make Bath Time Fun By Adding Toys And Bubbles

Bath time can be fun for toddlers when you add toys and bubbles. This will keep them entertained while they are getting clean. It is also an excellent opportunity to teach them about hygiene

Some things you can prepare your toddler during bath time include:

-How to wash their hands properly

-How to brush their teeth

-How to wash their face, neck, and behind the ears

-How to use soap on different areas of their body.

#4 Use Videos To Teach Your Toddler

There are many educational videos that you can show your toddler during bath time. These will teach them how to take care of themselves while getting clean. This can be an excellent time for you to bond with your child and also explain the actions that they should take.

#5 Establish A Routine

Bathing them and brushing their teeth daily will help establish a routine for them and instill good habits from the beginning of their learning process. For those not yet potty-trained, be sure to teach them certain tricks and tips for an easy and thorough cleanup.

#6 Teach Proper Hand Washing Technique

One of the most important things you can teach your toddler about hygiene is how to wash their hands properly. Show them how to wet their hands, add soap, lather up, and rinse off thoroughly. You can also remind them not to forget to scrub under their nails and between their fingers. Remember, a good rule of them to teach, is to wash their hands for the length of the ABC song, twice.

The Takeaway

Teaching your toddler about good hygiene is essential in ensuring that they maintain healthy habits as they grow. You can help instill a lifelong love of cleanliness in your child by following these tips!

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