7 Things You Can Do to Give a Needy Family a Merry Christmas

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The Christmas season is almost here and soon, almost every living soul will be bitten by the Christmas bug that triggers the merry-making and partying mood.

Not many of us care to keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas, but remembering the needy and less happy in our midst should be a part of our daily lives, regardless.

As Steve Maraboli reminds us, Christmas is the most perfect time to ‘feed the hungry; clothe the naked; forgive the guilty; welcome the unwanted; care for ill; love your enemies; and, to do unto others as you would have done unto you.’

Today, let’s explore seven (7) ways that are worth your time to get a less fortunate family to have a Christmas that deserves to be classified as happy and merry.

#1 Donate Something to Support a Less Fortunate Family Access a Basic Need

Did you know that some families just need about $50 and their day is made!

Do you know that those shoes, clothes and bedding that your kids don’t use anymore could make needy families happy?

Just in case you are in doubt, this Christmas season clear out those used items and donate them to your nearest homeless shelter or church, and see smiles your actions will attract. 

#2 Organize a Fund Raiser in Favor of the Vulnerable

According to CPS ASEC records of 2019 about 26.1 million Americans did not have health insurance during the year. With the advent of Covid-19 and the accompanying loss of jobs, this figure is likely to have risen. That family next door could be part of this category.

Your help could pay for a family’s emergency medical bill and this could be what they need to have a merry holiday!

#3 Give a Surprise Visit to Family with an Ailing Member

Have you ever considered taking time to visit an elderly person you often see limp along the pavement, as you go or come back from work?

All this person could be lacking is someone to visit and chat with them. You could be the angel this person has been waiting for all along. Give this strategy a try this Christmas season!

#4 Invite that Loner to Spend Christmas with Your Family

Are you aware that all that may be needed to rehabilitate that lonely person is you? Whatever their reasons for being alone are, an encouraging word or two can mean all the difference between hope and doom.

This kind of help can be done by anyone, including yourself. This year, invite that loner to spend his or her Christmas with your family for counseling and reassurance.

Of course, be sure to stay safe if you choose to do this, as there are never guarantees with certain acts of kindness.

#5 Send Some Food to the Homeless

Are you expecting a shopping voucher from your employer this Christmas season? Are your cabinets full of food that you’re not planning to finish before the New Year is here?

This Christmas, consider emptying your food shelves into donation bags or using those extra funds to buy food and other goodies for the homeless near you?

You can always take pride in putting a decent meal before people who would have gone without food, while you have enough to eat and spare. 

#6 Give Away that Valuable Item

Are you willing to subject yourself to a test of selflessness as Jesus Christ himself did?

I guess, your answer is in the affirmative and this Christmas is that opportunity.

It may be a tall order to give away your only car. But if you can afford it, give that family in need your bed, TV or music system.

These item you give away are probably what you needed to have a real feel of the life led by those without them. This simple act can humble and inspire you to achieve even greater things in life.

#7 Be Your Community’s Santa Claus

Being a Santa Claus does not require any special training. The only qualities you need is a generous and selfless heart.

Are you ready to give your time, without expecting anything in return? This feat can be easier when you win the support of family and friends.

The Takeaway

Let’s choose to make this Christmas different from the past by not just thinking of our own happiness, but that of the needy families in our midst as well.

This is our chance to be as in Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a great deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

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