3 Steps to Simplify Your Life

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Every adult knows that life can get pretty complex if we allow it to. Naturally, we all look for ways to simplify life. From relationships to work, we cultivate the ways we live. If we’re not careful, things can spiral out of control and make us feel as though we have too much to do, with nowhere to turn.

This can also leave us with the need to worry that ‘we’re not doing things right”. Of course, this leads us to Google how to simplify our lives. At which point, we find a billion articles on the art of simplifying everything, using tips and tricks to get it all right. But the hard truth is that some of those tips and tricks simply do not work for all of us.

What you might find more helpful is an easier set of things to do that could simplify your life. And this is why we’ve compiled a very short list of the top 3 things you can be doing right now to simplify your life.

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#1 Simplify Self-Care

Simplify how you care for yourself and maintain yourself over the years. The secret is that you don’t need much to prosper and feel your best self. All you need to do is to make small efforts and make sure you stay consistent with them. These small efforts should look like regular stretching, eating enough leafy greens, exercising three times a week (even long walks can help), as well as scheduling regular checkups with your primary physician and local dentist. If you simplify self-care, you’re much more likely to keep up with it.

#2 Managing Your Time

The most important resource any of us have, is time. For this reason, simplifying our life means learning how to manage time properly, and place it where we deem most appropriate. Just because you may have an important job, family, and hobbies, does not mean you are not happy spending time on those. That’s why it’s important to not add a thousand other things to your already busy life, unless it’s beneficial to do so. If you simplify your time spent, and focus, you end up simplifying your life for the better, too.

#3 Investing In People

It’s important to think of the people you would wish to invest energy, time and love into. Often, this decision is made for us. Our children, our relatives, those friends who we know we can trust, and our partners. That’s usually good enough. Yet it might also be that you have a sports club that you visit each week, or a workout buddy that you happen to work alongside. If you streamline just who you wish to spend time with, you find that the quality of these relationships deepen for the better.

The Takeaway

The act of simplifying your life is a complex one. And though the steps above are meant to help you, they’re really just a guide. Because at the end of the day, the choice to simplify your life is still your choice. You have to actively participate in making your life how you want it to be. So, use these pieces of advice to put your energy where it really matters.

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