8 Styling Tips to Help You Look Younger

Style never dies and no matter how old you are, you can still be stylish! Here are 8 styling tips to help you look younger.

by Tess DiNapoli

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In the words of Coco Chanel: “The age of a woman is not important: you can be wonderful in your 20’s, amazing in your 40’s and stay fabulous for the rest of your life.” 

Fashion is fabulous at every age. There is no age limit to style! Read on to find our top 8 styling tips to keep you looking your best at any age. 

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1. Draw Attention to Your Assets

This is one of the best styling tips out there! No matter your age, increase your confidence by drawing attention to your best features. Accentuate the positive and highlight your body’s best. 

Choosing the right clothes to bring attention to your body’s best features involves drawing the eye to a specific area. If you want to focus on the face, wear a high neck or a statement necklace or earrings to draw attention up. Or, accentuate long legs with a heel and a pair of well-cut straight leg pants. Bring attention to a beautiful shape with a fitted waist.

2. Improve Your Silhouette with Shape Wear

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Corsets were forgotten for a reason. Today, we’re thankful to have comfortable and plentiful shapewear choices in today’s market. Maintaining a smooth silhouette can become more difficult as we age, so shapewear is a great option. 

Squeezy spandex options for shapewear certainly exist, but aren’t at all necessary for today’s woman. The pieces we love create smooth lines from the breast through the hip. Go for a great camisole and short combination or a one-piece to layer under dresses.

Shop the myriad of options on the market and be sure to find a comfortable top and bottom combo. 

3. Wear Timeless Pieces

Stay looking contemporary by choosing ensembles that are timeless and fashionable. You do not have to redo your entire wardrobe to style your outfits in a more youthful way. 

Rather, maintain timeless closet staples, using the essentials of clothing you already have and elevate it with small pieces for a more modern style.

Capsule closets are a small wardrobe selection of pieces that can be interchangeably worn together and mixed and matched. This concept highlights quality over quantity.

Our capsule closet must-haves for fashion at any age include:

  • The perfect fit jean—preferably in a medium wash and a straight leg. 
  • A white button-up shirt.
  • A matching shirt and shorts in stiff, quality cotton or linen.
  • An A-line dress that suits your taste.
  • Wide-leg pants or trousers in a quality fabric that won’t shrink when laundered.
  • A quality shirt or blouse.
  • A turtleneck or mock neck shirt.
  • Great shoes—at the minimum one great pair of flats and one great pair of low heels (boots included).
  • An overcoat—a wool overcoat in a neutral color that reaches the waist.

Choose complexion flattering neutral colors for your staple pieces to keep your looks in fashion for every season and at any age.

Having a few timeless outfit options in your closet will always give you a quick go-to.  Youthfulness comes with effortlessness!

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4. Tailor Your Outfit To Perfection

Serve stunning looks that make you look younger by always highlighting a great fit. While oversized items are youthful and trendy right now, a classic fit that hugs the figure can be flattering, as well.

Buy pieces that fit your widest part (bust or hip) well and then tailor the waist or sleeves to show off a smooth silhouette. Have your pants and skirts hemmed to ensure your dresses fit perfectly.

Using a tailor to improve on items in your closet or new purchases will add to your go-to timeless pieces that are guaranteed to have you looking well-dressed at any age. 

Staying youthful and timeless doesn’t have to be boring! Embrace new trends and style them appropriately. The key to remember when styling trendy items is to pair a trendy piece with a classic piece. 

Wear your combat boots with a cuffed fitted jean and classic t-shirt or sweater. Style a maxi dress with a new strappy sandal. 

Don’t go overboard or choose items that are too loud to keep your look classic! 

6. Be Color Conscious

This tip is essential to keeping you looking youthful at any age — choose colors that work best with your complexion. 

Generally speaking:

  • Warm skin tones (yellow, golden) should choose olive, orange, amber, gold, and peach colors.
  • Cool skin tones (pink, ivory) should choose deep jewel tones, such as deep purple, silver, royal blue, emerald green.
  • Neutral skin tones should choose white, mint green, and dusty mauve colors.

You can of course deviate from the above, but choose colors that brighten your complexion instead of dull it (no canary yellow for pale skin!).

Choosing figure-flattering colors and prints that complement your complexion is an easy way to maintain youthfulness and style at any age!

7. Add Great Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize when you are putting together amazing timeless looks! 

Pair timeless diamond studs, gold earrings, a statement ring, or other fantastic accessories to an outfit to give it a classic feel. Choose simple and elegant jewelry to go with your outfits.

Selecting high-quality shoes and sandals is well worth it. Not only will they last for years with good care, but they’ll also add an element of effortless style to anything you wear. 

8. Be Yourself

Finally, the best way to look young, stylish, and timeless is to be yourself! Fashion is individual, and you should always choose pieces that make you feel good, look good, and smile. If something is feeling out of date, or boring, put it in the throw away pile and keep yourself feeling amazing!

The Takeaway

Your happiness is the greatest accessory in your fashion arsenal, wear things that please you and adhere to the 8 styling tips above to stay youthful at any age! Update your closet with a capsule wardrobe, tailor your favorite items, choose the best colors for your complexion, and show off your timeless style!

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