Their Journey On Earth To Heaven | A Nigerian Love Story

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Many books come and go in the romance genre. Some dabble in the secular world and others partake in religious overtones. “Fictional romance novel” is not what one thinks of when you read the title of this book. But do not veer away.

This novel is quite appealing, beyond first read. It is a romance-inducing love story that will leave you feeling as though you’ve just been in a coffee house listening to Hemingway. The skillful use of verbiage and tone, evoke perplexing and riveting senses, and is a true credit to the author’s ability to tell a story. And though the story is intertwined with strong religious speak, the tale does not lose its voraciousness for love.

The author has built the readers, a new and intoxicating setting to fall in love in. Readers are taken on a journey into a Nigerian love story, where two become one. Over time, the characters ask us to believe in their love, to believe in their sense of family, and to have faith that love truly does conquer all.

It is for these reasons that this book was an easy read and has an air of high-value for the souls in need of love, family, and faith. What a truly skilled writer the author is, to be able to deliver such a classically strong love story with the most flattering readability.

If you are aching for a new style of writing, deep filling romance, and an emotionally evocative set of characters, then this book is for you.

If you are interested in following the author to see what else is in the works, then you can follow the author on Twitter @olusola_anyanwu.

You can read the book by clicking on the Amazon link below.

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