5 Home Decoration Styles Still Alive In 2022

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Some style designs flash by while other home decoration styles transcend time. Here are 5 that will stand the test of time!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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The last decade saw an explosion of interior design trends. Everything from cottage core to minimalism came. While these style designs are still valid for some, others may be looking for home decoration styles that will transcend time.

Here’s a look at 5 home decoration styles that will stand the test of time!

#1 Neo-Classical 

Neo-classical styles include arches, columns, symmetry, and geometry. Mostly found in historical architecture, neo-classical styles are making their way into the home in the last few years and are set to become more common in the coming decade. So get ahead of the game.

A new home might be designed with this style in mind and include arches and columns as a way to transition between rooms. But if you live in an older property there’s no reason to feel with zero arches or columns, then you can focus on the decor of the home to fill the gaps. Try looking for pieces that offer a sense of elegance and sophistication, similar to that of ancient Rome or Greece.

#2 Multi-functional Spaces

The tail end of the 2010s was characterized by home working situations which encouraged the idea of multifunctional space. Multifunctional spaces are ideal for working and living in the same space simultaneously. They also help create additional space in smaller homes and apartments. And in a post-pandemic world, many are finding new ways to incorporate this design style.

It’s clear this trend has a future because it is more practical than anything else. If you can use a home office as a home studio and a living room as a bedroom, you effectively increase your floor space. While this might not reflect in the price just yet, it could potentially add extra value.    

#3 Terrazzo for Wet Rooms

Bathrooms and wetrooms are typically characterized by stone and granite, this has been a trend for decades because stone and granite are affordable, attractive, and non-slip surfaces. But there’s an alternative that is creeping into the mainstream – a forgotten gem called terrazzo. 

Terrazzo is a patterned floor design that originates in Italy. It is made of fragments of ceramic put together in geometric patterns. The color and design of your terrazzo wet room are entirely up to you, though you could invest in a template design.

#4 The Endurance of Brass

Another enduring material quickly making a come back in home decoration styles is brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is known for its shiny gold-colored surface, resistance to corrosion, and makes an exceptional material for interior design. 

While you might be using brass for your mirrors and standing lamps, you may also have it for your pipes. Brass is one of the best metals for pumping and is the material recommended by top plumbers like Z PLUMBERZ of Sarasota. So you can expect brass to be a top style for quite a long time.  

#5 Nature Inspiration 

One trend that is still a huge inspiration is bringing nature indoors. This style of design made its way into homes in the form of wallpaper, interior plants, floral designs, and construction. In the coming decade, we can expect these interior design features to continue and evolve. Expect to see more furniture that takes inspiration from natural forms, colors, textures, and shapes.  

The Takeaway

Home decoration styles vary from year to year, with trends often taking the spotlight. But the styles that most homeowners long for are the ones without expiration dates.

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