Help Your Teen Daughter Overcome These 4 Common Problems

Guide your teen daughter towards success. Learn how to help them overcome common challenges with expert advice and practical strategies with this guide!

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Teenager daughters certainly keep parents on their toes. If they are not coming home passed curfew, then they are acting moody, isolating themselves from the world, or worse, publicly posting their body parts on social media.

The dreaded teenage years of daughters can sometimes make you feel like you are talking to a brick wall. They don’t want your help and support even though they definitely need it, and it’s all because of their emotions, societal environment, and thinking that get them to this point. Rather than stay in an awkward relationship with them, you can choose to help them overcome certain problems. Here’s how to help your teen overcome four common problems.

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#1 Menstruation

This time of the month for your daughter could be fast approaching. Make sure you have prepared them for this mentally and emotionally, as it can be quite scary when it arrives for the first time. Even if you have spoken to them about every little detail, the event can still be a shock.

If they come home and tell you their menstruation has started, provide a supportive and non-judgmental space to chat about it. Give them space to cope with this new stage in their life. The best way to support them through this is to be extremely understanding of their new status, including any hormonal mood swings that come with it.

#2 Acne 

Something that hits most teenagers is acne. Unfortunately, this is due to those pesky hormones raging around their bodies, especially after a girl gets her period. If your teen daughter seems down or lacking in confidence due to their breakouts, do your best to support them.

Remind them of their beauty, inside and out, and provide support by asking them what their expectations are of you in terms of help. If they’re not sure how they want you to help them, then it may be worth taking a trip to a dermatologist. Dermatologists may provide acne-specific creams or lotions or other advice on how to handle this delicate concern.

#3 Teeth

Once a teen’s adult teeth have come through, molars are often not far behind. This can cause crowding or crookedness, making smiling a bit awkward. If you notice your teen daughter refusing to smile fully in photos or is afraid to show her teeth when talking, then this is a sign that she’s insecure about her teeth.

When you start seeing these types of behaviors, you might want to take a trip to an orthodontist so they can provide some professional support and guidance. Not only can they offer you guidance on how to manage her teeth expectations, they can also help you find solutions for post-teeth fixing.

#4 Mental Health 

Hormonal changes in a teen’s body can also bring about mental health issues. And while this is quite normal, not all mental health concerns should be easily brushed off. If you notice something is off with your teen, talk to them in an honest and comforting manner. Monitoring mental health in adolescents is supremely important as it can escalate quite quickly if left unchecked.

If you feel your teen needs professional support, then opt to receive expert help from a Denver, Colorado teen counselor or other area therapist. If an in-person consultation makes them feel uncomfortable, then understand they may not be ready for an outsider to interfere. However, they shouldn’t go without medical professional guidance, so you can also try to bring a medical professional into the home to help them.

The Takeaway

We hope this article gives you some reassurance that you are not parenting alone. Remember, helping your teen overcome some of these common problems is important. So work with your teen to ensure they are living happily and healthily. 

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