6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

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As times change, the more likely it is for the new generation to acquire new interests and hobbies. You would notice this as kids nowadays have the internet that gives them wider choices for information and entertainment. However, some abilities are a must-have in modern society, like coding. 

So, here are 6 reasons why kids should learn to code. But first, let’s chat about what coding really is.

What exactly is coding?

Coding is the instructions you put into a computer to tell them what to do. Sounds easy, right? It is what makes everything on the computer function, while the codes are the languages that computers understand. 

The very device you are using, while reading this article, is coded with different languages by programmers. Certain devices may only use certain languages, but coders can use tools like a JSON to XML converter to ensure what they create works with all devices. You can code to make websites, applications, games, and so much more. 

It is understandable to get a little overwhelmed that kids can learn these things at a young age. But they can do it with guidance and preparation—and of course, if it fits their interest!

Is it too early for a child to code?

Coding is not for the computer geniuses alone anymore. Kids can learn it, too. It can even be taught through games which can make coding easy for your kid. Now, they do not just play a video game, but create their own as well!

We are at the golden age of the digital era, where our lives are almost dependent on modern technology. So, children already have the hang of writing codes without realizing it. So, if your kid loves stacking, analogies, or just trying out new things in general—why not teach them how to code? 

There are many reasons (and benefits) that could help them develop their presentation skills for the future, and here are some that can answer why you should teach your kids how to code:

  1. Coding boosts imagination and creativity

Kids often dream that they can be anything they want to be. Well, coding offers that very promise. Writing codes can stimulate creativity that helps kids turn their visions into reality. A common misconception about coding is that it is number-heavy. But just like any art form, it is a mixed process of creating, analyzing, and executing the idea you have in mind. 

  1. Coding hones problem-solving skills.

Nowadays, children are more inclined in spending their time on their gadgets—particularly in playing games. Most of these games are classified in two modes: story and adventure—where they can explore freely and do whatever they desire. 

Well, this is also the case for coding, where they need to collect various small parts to build and construct a bigger picture. This can pose a healthy challenge for your kid to increase their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

  1. Coding teaches kids how to deal with ‘bugs’.

Let’s face it – not everything we do can become successful. We all make mistakes all the time, from when we begin something, in the middle of a project, or after we finish it. 

Kids can learn the art of trying again by finding where they have done wrong when things do not go right for the first time. They can develop resilience and perseverance through coding. Coding helps children discern what went wrong by finding bugs and what they can do to fix them. Allow your kid to make mistakes since it can help them adapt to whatever real-world problems they face, and learn from them.

  1. Coding enhances their decision-making skills.

Logic is the foundation of coding. Learning this can help the children develop their decision-making skills through both simple and complex projects. Kids can better learn if they start with easy issues first then slowly increase in difficulty. The more they broaden their abilities, the more they know what they want and decide based on it. It forms their self-identity even at a young age.  

  1.  Coding greatly improves digital literacy.

Coding is a great way to reap the advantages of modern technology. It’s also a healthy screen time exercise that can improve your child’s ability to navigate the internet. Notice your kid’s interest in writing these codes and make it a habit to practice it every day. Balancing their gadget times with entertainment and learning is a productive way to manage their time online.

  1. Coding will prepare them for future endeavors

In our fast-changing world, digital literacy is an essential skill that can help you anywhere you go. Our lives are dominated by computer operations, that is why companies are hiring more and more tech-savvy people. 

This is not limited to the technology business industry, because companies are now reliant on computers in keeping and processing their data, whether it is health, finance, education, or other sectors in the business world.

           Teaching your child early in coding can open more opportunities for them in the future, wherever they want to work.

How can I encourage my child to code?

Make coding as much a fun activity as possible. Like any other activity, this can be difficult at first, but with proper motivation from the parents and support system, this can be an early investment for a lifelong skill.

The Takeaway

Modernization calls for more advanced skills for the new generation. Those that can keep up with the constantly shifting tides of technology are more likely to succeed in the workforce. Teaching kids how to code can prepare them early on for the demands that the future has. Do not just let your child consume, let your child dream big.

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