How To Stop Your Kids From Being Fussy With Food

Are you kids constantly being fussy with food? Here’s a quick guide on how to help stop them.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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One of the biggest battles, when you have children, is getting them to eat all their food. Often, meal times can be a battle with them being picky about what they eat or how they eat it. Some kids don’t like their food touching. Others don’t like if their food is laid out a certain way on their plate, which can be a total nightmare for parents.

This kind of behavior can make you not want to take your little ones out to eat at a Mexican restaurant or at your other favorite places, and can make the entire process of having a simple dinner a battle every single day. If you want to try and stop your kids from being fussy with food, there are a few things you can try that might make them a little better. Here are 3 parent-friendly tips to help stop your kids from being fussy with food.

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#1 Teach them about food from a young age 

Often, fear comes from not understanding something properly. Teach them about different foods from a young age, helping them know where certain food comes from around the world. By instigating a fascination with food it should help them to be better at eating. Be creative with your food choices for introduction. The more inclusive you are with foods from around the world, the more likely your kids will be to have a wide palate in their older years. Teach them about various foods, like Thai green curry, massaman, or the different cheeses like caprino cheese and blue cheese. One day, your kids will be grateful to you for being able to eat anything, anywhere.

#2 Have them go shopping with you

By having your child shop with you, they will have a chance to learn about food and this will spark their interest in trying new foods. Have them help you pick things out in the supermarket and encourage them to ask questions about the different things they see on the shelves. By being proactive and involved, they will be less fussy when you serve something different for their dinner. If they show you any kind of hesitation, remind them they picked it out and how yummy they said it looked initially.

#3 Get them involved in the cooking 

Cooking is another fantastic way to get your kids to be less picky with what they eat. By having them join you in the kitchen, you are treating them to some amazing family bonding, plus encouraging them to eat healthily. The kitchen is the perfect place to have your kids learn about weighing, mixing and measuring, which might even help with their future math problems. And by having your kids prepare their own unique meals, you’ll also have the chance to have them try new ingredients. In turn, this will help your children be less afraid of trying new foods. As an added benefit, they will also be proud of what they have cooked and therefore want to finish what’s on their plate.

The Takeaway

These are just a few simple tips that could get your kids to not be fussy eaters anymore. So when it comes to stopping your kids being fussy with food, be sure to try some of these.

What are some top things you’ve done in the past to combat fussy eaters? Let us know in the comments below!

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