7 Non-Invasive Celebrity Beauty Treatments You Need To Try Right Now

Celebrities are not the only ones who can look like a million bucks. Here are 7 non-invasive, celebrity beauty treatments to try right now!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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If you take a look at Kim Kardashian or Khloé Kardashian, and compare their past and present photos, you will quickly realize that their current looks are only possible due to certain beauty and body treatments. Of course, there are many who would like to know which beauty treatments are the ones worth your time. So if that’s you, then you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ve put together a list our favorite beauty treatments for you to try. Here’s our list of non-invasive, celebrity beauty treatments that are actually worth your money!

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#1 Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

Depending on where you live, body hair may or may not be considered attractive. So, if you’re living near Twin Cities Medical Spa or another location, then a laser hair removal treatment is what you’re after. Both men and women can opt for this beauty treatment as it assists in hair removal in areas like the legs, underarms, and the face.

But why choose laser hair removal if shaving is less expensive? For starters, shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. Whereas, a laser treatment treats the hair at the root getting rid of the hair completely and for longer periods of time, if not forever. So if you’re not on the market to have your skin pulled during a waxing session, or to keep having to shave one or two times a day, then it’s worth trying a laser hair removal from professionals like Perfect Medical.

#2 Anti-Aging Dermal Fillers (such as Botox)

Getting Botox injections in the face used to be considered faux pas. But these days, dermal fillers are all the rage, and you can start as early as you want. Dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox are some of the most popular products on the market, and are extremely effective at removing those pesky wrinkles. They’re also an excellent alternative to expensive and painful surgery. You can get dermal fillers at almost any medical spa or dermatologist. But don’t just pick the cheapest place because of the price. Keep in mind that Google reviews are worth a lot and can guide you towards finding a deal with a great specialist. And if you’re not sure what to get, ask your specialist which dermal filler is best for your face.

#3 Dental Work For That Hollywood Smile

Did you know that on average, people smile around 20 times per day? With that kind of pressure, it’s no wonder why people obsess over their teeth. According to a recent study, half of the respondents stated they do not smile as often as they would like because they are embarrassed about their teeth. In addition to misalignment and discoloration, tooth decay is also a common issue people are aware of. Fortunately, you can achieve the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted with treatments like veneers and dental implants. While dental implants are more invasive, they are also the sturdier option. They also offer a far better look and feel than dentures, and they last a lot longer.

#4 Fat-Dissolving Injection Treatments

Ever wonder why some celebrities always look so slender in their faces? You might think they spend five hours per day in the gym, but they don’t. They get fat-dissolving treatments. These are injectables that dissolve fatty tissues under your skin, and depending on how many you get, you can pretty much kiss that double chin good-bye!

To get rid of the excess fat, a specialist makes tiny marks on under your chin. These are the points that the needle will go into. It’s virtually painless and is fast working, with results being seen as early as the same day. The beautiful part about this kind of injection is that results are also being seen on other parts of the body like the armpits, abdomen, and even arms. Unlike dermal fillers, fat dissolves don’t need repeat treatments as fat can be kept away if you live a healthy lifestyle. Some of the most widely used fat dissolvers are Kybella and Aqualyx. 

#5 Professionally Applied Permanent Makeup

The global makeup industry is worth billions of dollars. And you likely spend a ton on your products. But don’t you wish you could roll out of bed looking like a celebrity. Well, they do it, and so can you. The secret is semi-permanent makeup that you apply once, and it lasts for around one year. However, despite being non-invasive, it can be uncomfortable when you have it applied. During a session, your face will be numbed, and you might need painkillers for a day or two. But once it’s done, there’s no more tedious makeup routine.

#6 Vitamin & Peptide Cocktail Injections

Have you ever noticed how celebrities never seem to age and their skin is always so youthfully glowing? Most people think it has to do with genetics, as if they were born with god-like DNA. The truth is they are just like you and me, just with a lot more money and tons of access to beauty secrets.

One of those secrets entails getting a specially made vitamin cocktail injected directly into you. These injections are filled with a plethora of different vitamins that your body needs. But rather than your body taking months or even years to reap the benefits of vitamin pills, injections allow you to gain those amazing benefits in a much shorter time. These special made injections, like the ones you can get at AdVitam in New York City, are all the rage and super affordable. They can help treat weight loss issues, aging, vitamin deficiency, hormone issues, and so much more. So the next time you’re looking for a new treatment to try, definitely try this one!

#7 Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, and EMSculpt

Past the age of 30, your collagen is rapidly depleting. As this process ensues, you’ll start to notice your skin doesn’t quite have that youthful bounce to it. Your skin may even start to sag in certain areas. You may see this occurring in areas like your neck, jawline, under the chin, around your mouth, under eye and above eye areas, and perhaps even on other areas like your stomach.

As natural as many of us want to be, at some point, we all start to feel the weight of age and that’s where the urge to start mending begins. But not all want to undergo invasive plastic surgery. And that’s where minimal invasive procedures come in like EMSculpt, Contouring, and Skin Tightening. The best part about each of these is that you can see results immediately and they’re long lasting, versus what you’d see if you spent two years in the gym, seven days a week. And if you live in an area that offers it, try to find a location that offers Mommy Makeover packages because the price of a package can be easier to swallow.

The Takeaway

Celebrities are not the only ones who can look and feel like a million bucks, and expensive cosmetic surgery is not needed to do it. Just search for local professionals offering the above beauty treatments so you can start to feel and look how you want to!

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