How to Raise an Eco-Friendly Baby

by Michael Johnson

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What does it mean to raise an “eco-friendly” baby? Well, it entails choosing the most sustainable products for your child – biodegradable baby wipes, organic lotions, and creams, and much more. They need to breathe in cleaner, greener air and eat organic food free of excess chemicals. Thus, it is all about stimulating the environment they grow up in. 

If you are still confused about how to raise an eco-friendly baby, we have got you covered with a list of easy tips and tricks – choosing the right clothes, the right products, and more! So let’s get started!

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Tips To Raise An Eco-Friendly Baby

  • Use Eco-Friendly Clothing

The most important step towards raising an eco-friendly child is to switch to sustainable baby clothing. Thankfully, more parents realize the importance of eco-friendly clothing, and thus, you will find good sustainable baby clothing brands. They make their products from natural organic fibers and generally use organic dyes. Also, thanks to the widespread availability in different patterns and designs, these sustainable clothes will make great gift items for your kid’s friends!

  • Use Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are generally made from biodegradable materials, so they make a great sustainable choice for your kid! Sippy cups are also beneficial as they reduce spillage. This way, you get to avoid a huge mess while your baby learns to drink. 

  • Use Eco-Friendly Diapers and Wipes

Another important step towards raising an eco-friendly baby is ditching regular wipes and diapers. Instead, opt for biodegradable baby wipes and natural baby diapers. These are much gentler on your baby’s skin. Also being almost 100% free from chemicals, these wipes and diapers will save your baby’s skin from rashes and infections! 

Some even choose to use cloth nappies instead of diapers. These are great for the environment and can save you a lot of money! However, a lot of effort keeps these cloth nappies fresh and clean.

  • Non-Toxic Crib

You can also get a non-toxic crib for your baby. These eco-friendly cribs do not contain any harmful chemicals, which keeps the air around your baby cleaner and greener. 

  • Eco-friendly Baby Food

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you don’t need to invest in baby food right away. However, if your baby is past the breastfeeding stage, you will need some baby food in the house. So when you go to the supermarket for baby formulas, choose the organic ones over the regular ones. Organic baby food comes in biodegradable containers and is made from non-GMO and organic ingredients. These provide the best nutrients for your baby and make them healthier.

  • Organic Skincare

Regular skincare is an essential part of your baby’s daily routine. Naturally, one of the best things to do is to switch to organic skincare instead of regular ones. The regular ones might be more widely available, but they are very harmful to your baby’s tender skin. Instead, switch to natural, organic creams and lotions. They are devoid of harmful chemicals and are gentle on your baby’s skin!

  • Use Glass Bottles 

We suggest switching to glass jars and bottles instead of plastic containers at your home. Now, we know it might be dangerous, considering you have a baby in the house. However, you can keep the glassware locked away in your kitchen at all times. This way, your baby doesn’t get to break any glasses, and you get to make an eco-friendly choice for your home! 

The Takeaway

It is all about choosing the right products for your baby – what they eat, what they wear, and use. While it may seem challenging to keep track of all these elements, we assure you, it just takes a little patience and time. Just follow the above tips, and you will be able to raise your baby in an eco-friendly and sustainable environment! All the best! 

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