5 Reasons It Might Be Time To Buy A New Home

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If there’s one thing that Covid-19 taught us all, the RIGHT home can be the difference between calm and chaos. That’s why we’ve put together 5 ways to know if it’s time to buy a new home.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Could you be ready to move to a new home? Maybe you are thinking about it, but aren’t quite sure if now is the right time. Either way, this guide will help you find out if now is the time for you to be taking that next step in your life. Let’s talk about the 5 reasons that could let you know it’s time to buy a new home.

#1 Your Home is Shrinking

There are two extremes in this scenario. You may either feel like every cupboard is about to burst open and that your family is growing by the day, OR you may find that you have endless rooms that you just aren’t using. Whatever you’re feeling, if you can relate to either of these situations then this could indicate that now is the time for you to buy a new home. If you need more space, then a bigger property with more square footage could be the best solution.

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#2 You’re Constantly Looking at Houses

If you’re spending a lot of time checking what’s available on the housing market, then you are probably ready to make the leap into a new home. But with the current real estate trend, houses are going for way over-asking and selling extremely fast. In turn, this keeps you from buying the home of your dreams. So, what other options do you have at your disposal? That’s simple. Have you considered using home builders? All you would have to do is pick the right company, work with them on what your dream house would look like, and then get your real estate agent to find the right piece of land that fits your vision.

#3 Your Home’s DIY List Is Out of Control

If you feel like your DIY list is growing more and more by the day, then you will know how frustrating this can be. You may feel as though things become less important to you and that you just don’t maintain your home like you used to. It may be that the lightbulbs in the spare room have blown and you just don’t have the motivation to replace them, or that your wallpaper is falling down, and you just don’t care. Either way, signs like this show that you are losing the passion that you once had for your home, and it is also a clear sign that now could be the right time for you to move.

#4 Your House Has a Long List of Problems

If you find yourself saying “the problem is…” and then listing a huge range of issues about your property, then this could indicate that you are already ready for a change. It may be that you are too far away from the office or that you don’t live close enough to your friends. Either way, if this sounds like you, then you are telling yourself that something needs to change. If you are ready to move, then getting a mortgage quote can help you figure out two things: (1) how much house you can afford and (2) if a newer house with less problems is in that new budget.

#5 Your House Doesn’t Fit Your Social Agenda

If you feel your home is not fit for entertaining, then you will find yourself longing for the perfect home that can. Perhaps you refuse to invite friends over for dinner, or feel like there’s just not enough room to host a Super Bowl party. Issues like this can really impact your happiness. Either way, this can work against you more than you realize. So if this is the case for you, then buying a new home might the best idea.

The Takeaway

Use these tell-tale signs to help you decide if you’re ready to buy a new home. Don’t waste any more time in a home you’re unhappy with. Seek out guidance and assistance from your local real estate agency and mortgage brokers, for more in-depth information on the housing market.