22 Gifts to Give a Law Enforcement Officer

Finding a gift for a law enforcement can be a bit difficult! That’s because, they only want what they can use on the job. So, here are 22 gifts that they will love!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Whatever holiday is around the corner, gift shopping for a law enforcement officer can feel overwhelming, and at times, even stressful. That’s because what they need on the job, changes from shift to shift, and day to day. So we’ve put together a list of the best gifts to give them for on the job success, that they’ll always find useful. Without further adieu, here’s our favorite gifts to give a law enforcement officer.

#1 Waterproof Writing Pad

While every thing today is done with technology, including giving tickets, occasionally the tech fails on these law enforcement officers. And when that does, they’ll need a waterproof writing pad to take down important notes and information from their calls. That’s why this product made it on the list!

#2 Conceal Carry Holster

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that most cops have an off-duty gun for safety. With that said, concealment is usually a major concern. Concealed carry offers protection for law enforcement officers, their families, and surrounding civilians. Therefore, here are two conceal carry holsters that they would really appreciate.

If a law enforcement officer has a Kimber Micro 9, then the best conceal carry holsters would be these: https://gunlawsuits.org/top-picks/best-kimber-micro-9-holsters/. The Kimber Micro 9 is a .380 caliber pistol that is known as the king of conceal carry and is used worldwide by more than just law enforcement officers, like military personnel and civilians.

If they’re not using a Kimber Micro 9, and are instead using a Glock 43/G43X, then you’ll want to check out this holster. This holster is perfect for the Glock 43/G43X gun as it allows the carrier to properly conceal it while inside the waist band. It provides comfort, maximum concealment, and is light as a feather. It also fits both versions- the Glock 43 & the Glock 43X.

#3 Glock 43X / G43X Sub Compact 9mm

Occasionally, when an officer is off duty, they prefer to travel with their weapon. It makes them feel safe plus if the need ever arises, they’re able to respond appropriately. That’s because they’re trained to think on their feet and expected to be in “cop mode” at all times. That’s why a conceal carry gun, like this Glock 43X, is the perfect gift for any law enforcement officer. This little baby is the epitome of what a concealed carry weapon needs to do. It’s subcompact, which means it can be worn as a concealed carry under even the lightest of clothing, like t-shirts. It has good stopping power, holds plenty of rounds, is lightweight, and has a versatile grip for a variety of users. And it’s for these reasons that this made it on the list.

#4 Tactical Range Backpack

What do all law enforcements have in common other than the same job? They all have to qualify with their weapons and that requires a great deal of equipment to carry back and forth to the range. They carry things like water, ear plugs or headphones, magazines, bullets, targets, and a heck of a ton more! So, that’s why this tactical bag made it on the list.

#5 Spring Loaded Window Breaker

There may be times when an officer is sent to a motor vehicle crash and perhaps, the people in side are trapped either by broken doors or a completely totaled vehicle. During those times, it is of the highest importance to get the people out of the vehicle. Rather than smashing a window by hand or baton, a window breaker like the Zak Tool, breaks the window without sending glass flying everywhere. Obviously, this is one of the items every officer should have that is not supplied by many departments across the country.

#6 Under Armour Adult Crew Socks

An officer’s feet should never be neglected. They are on them for long shifts, maybe 12 hours a day or more. If they have to patrol on foot or chase people, their feet need attention just like any other part of the body. So, think about gifting them with a pair of cotton crew socks.

Why cotton and not moisture wicking socks? Cotton allows feet to breathe and soaks up all the sweat while keeping the inside of the boots dry. Versus moisture wicking socks that sure, wick the moisture away from the feet, but then places that sweat into the boot causing the boots to smell, create a bacteria riddled environment, and have the inner lining of the boots wet. Which, by the way, are a lot harder to dry and change out of while on duty because let’s face it… who carries a second pair of boots to work! It’s much easier to have a backup pair of socks at HQ. And that’s why these socks made it on the list.

#7 Yeti Tumbler 20 oz.

I don’t care what any one says, almost every officer drinks coffee to stay up and alert on those long shifts, especially on the night shifts! And of course, there are those officers who rather drink tea. Either way, they’ll need a darn good tumbler to keep their cold drinks cold and their hot drinks hot.

#8 Back of the Head Ear Muffs

Here’s an overlooked part of the body for law enforcement officers. The ears! For the LEO’s who don’t feel like wearing hats and who work in colder temperatures, this little back of the head ear muff system will keep those ears nice and warm. As an added bonus, it’ll keep the ears from getting an ear infection especially on those extra windy days!

#9 Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning

Yup… you read that right! There’s an actual product that brings the AC from the car vents into and under the body armor of a cop’s vest. Why is this necessary? Well, in case you’re wondering, not every law enforcement agency has vehicles with air conditioning. And when an LEO is forced to work in high heat temperatures without AC in their vehicles, things can get a bit sweltering. That’s why this neat tool is a must-have for any officer!

#10 Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

All guns need to be cleaned, but each gun may require different sets of gun cleaning kits. So, for this purpose and for money saving tips, it’s probably best to get a universal kit that has as many items for cleaning as possible. The kit we included here is top of the line with great reviews for the cost. There might not be an accessory for every gun out there, but it comes pretty close. The only two things it doesn’t include is the solvent for the cleaning and the bore snake, which you’ll find that most kits don’t come with. We’ve gone ahead and included those items in this list as well. After all, what’s so great about having a gun cleaning kit without having all the items needed to actually clean the darn thing!

#11 Hoppes CLP All-In-One & Hoppes Bore Snake

This CLP cleans, lubricates and protects in one easy step. And since all officers carry guns, it makes sense to give them the tools they need to keep the gun clean and working properly, as this is normally not done by their departments. Along with the CLP cleaning solvent, one will also need a bore snake, so that’s why both the CLP All-In-One and Bore Snake from Hoppes made it on this list. Here’s a pro tip: the bore snake comes in different sizes, so be sure to search for the one that fit’s the gun of the LEO you’re purchasing it for.

#12 Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler

If the law enforcement officer in your life is not a fan of buying food out there, on the regular, then a portable lunch cooler is a great gift! It has plenty of room to pack those important meals that an officer eats throughout his/her shift. It’ll even fit some much needed snacks and waters for the day. So, be sure to grab this one!

#13 Portable Cot

In every department, you have officers who are allowed to take a lunch break. Depending on how big the department is, an officer might be able to stop home, if they live close enough to their head quarters. But then there are those officers who simply do not have that luxury. And when the nights are long and slow with far and few calls coming in, officers will get sleepy. Just like us humans! It’s at that time that they could use a reclining chair for the break room (see below) OR a portable cot that can be store in their work lockers. That’s why this one, with easy building and fast breakdown, made it on the list!

#14 A Reclinable Office Chair

This chair is for the officers who work long night shifts and may need a place to rest their heads when there’s no calls. Some departments have break rooms and others, well… they just don’t. So, if there’s no break room, then a portable cot like the one above won’t work. But this reclinable officer chair reclines back to a 135 degree angle and has a slide-out foot rest. It’s the perfect gift for an officer to keep at their headquarter (if allowed).

#15 Men’s Under Armour Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boots

While this pair specifically states “Men’s”, it can actually be used by anyone in need of a good tactical boot! They are super light, feel like sneakers, durable, and is perfect for the person on their feet all day long. For those long shifts, long weeks, and tons of overtime that the LEO in your life takes… these boots stand up to the every day wear and tear. And for the amount of time officers spend on their feet, it’s important to find them a pair that lasts at least six months before breaking down. That’s why we chose this pair for our list. They hold up really well!

#16 SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe with Interior Light, 2 Handgun Capacity

Most officers have own more than one handgun. They may bring home their on-duty weapon, plus own a few conceal carry handguns. Naturally, the need to keep these locked safely away from anyone (especially kids), is at the top of every officer’s list of needs. Therefore, it only makes sense to give an officer the gift of safety. This gun safe is bio metric with a key pad backup as a fail safe. That means that it reads the fingerprints of those who install it and in case it fails to read them, the key pad can be used to unlock it.

#17 Moutec Long Rifle Gun Safe

While every law enforcement officer has at least one hand gun to keep safely locked away, some may also own rifles. With that said, a gun cabinet that can hold a handgun safe plus store long rifles away safely, makes just as much sense as owning a handgun safe. And because Moutec made it on the list as one of the best gun cabinet choices in 2021, we’ve made sure to add it to our list as one of the best gifts to get a law enforcement officer.

#18 Shooting Range Kit with Ear Muffs and Clear Safety Glasses

Whenever an LEO needs to shoot their guns at a range for qualification or for practice, they need to wear protection. Ear protection keeps the loud sounds from hurting ear function and the glasses protect the eyes from random ricochets bouncing into them. In our book, being able to get a kit with both pieces of protective equipment, equals a win-win situation.

#19 100% Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts

Every officer knows why a cotton t-shirt can make or break the wear and tear of a uniform. It’s pretty simple. Think about how long they work in their uniforms… Ten, twelve, or 16 hours a day! That’s a long time to be in a uniform that’s not breathable and can you imagine the pit stains that those babies incur?! That’s why 100% cotton t-shirts is such an under valued yet highly needed wardrobe item for law enforcement officers. They help our officers stay dry on during their shifts while keeping their uniforms from getting those yucky arm pit stains. Our favorite brand — Fruit of the Loom!

#20 RESQME The Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

While this a small handheld tool, it’s mighty in its abilities! this particular brand is a 2-in-1 safety tool. On one hand, it is a window breaker (not our favorite) and on the other hand, it’s a seatbelt cutter (why we chose this baby). The seatbelt cutter is renowned for its simple, fast, and easy method of cutting seatbelts. Yes, we actually know officers who’ve used this tool and love it! And for the low cost, what officer wouldn’t love getting one of these as a gift! Not to mention, it’s also the perfect tool for any driver and it’s so compact that you could put in a purse, glove box, or jean pocket. And that’s why this little baby made it on to our list.

#21 OTTERBOX Phone Case (iPhone and other brands)

Law enforcement officers need their phones with them on duty. Because of that fact, their phones have the potential to incur a great deal of damage. Whether it’s because of an on-foot chase or a wrestling match on the ground… phones take a beating. And since cell phones these days cost over a grand, what better way to protect their investment than by gifting them an OTTERBOX phone case that will help protect their phones from being broken beyond repair.

#22 KORE Essentials Tactical Gun Belt

Traditional police waist belts are usually very heavy and causes lower back pain. That’s why a tactical gun belt is the perfect alternative for law enforcement officers. It lets them do their job without the pain or discomfort of a traditional belt. Give KORE a shot, with their essential tactical gun belts. They are truly lightweight, rigid, can fit any waist size, is made of nylon with a polymer core, sturdy and long lasting, good for drawing a weapon, easily adjustable for in-waistband and outer waist band carry.

The Takeaway

The above items are all used by law enforcement officers we know and love, and we know they find the listed items extremely useful for their jobs. So the next time you need a gift for a law enforcement officer, definitely check out one of these!

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