6 Reasons Why The Outdoors Are Important For Kids

Kids who play outdoors experience happiness, and satisfaction at higher levels than children who do not. But with technology rampant, kids are playing less and less in the outdoors. So how do we get the kids outdoors?

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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It’s no secret that kids need time outdoors to play and explore – it’s essential for their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. But what many parents don’t know is that the outdoors is also crucial for helping children grow into healthy and successful adults. In this blog post, we will discuss six reasons why the outdoors is so important for kids!

#1 The Outdoors Inspires Kids to Explore and Discover

Kids are natural explorers – they love to touch, taste, smell, and see everything around them! That’s why spending time outside is so enjoyable, because it provides endless opportunities for exploration. From climbing trees to splashing in puddles, there is always something new for kids to discover. This curiosity is essential for their cognitive development and helps them learn about the world around them.

#2 The Outdoors Boost Attention Span

Research has shown that time spent in nature can help boost children’s attention span and reduce symptoms of ADHD. So if your child is struggling with focus or concentration, spending time outdoors may be just what they need!

#3 The Outdoors is a Great Way to Get Active

We all know that kids need to be active to stay healthy, but sometimes it can be hard to get them moving. The good news is that the outdoors provides an excellent opportunity for children to get active and burn off some energy! From running around the park, playing tag with friends, or using a kids outdoor playset, there are endless ways for them to get active. And the best part is that they’ll have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re getting exercise!

#4 The Outdoors Teaches Kids about Nature

One of the best things about the outdoors is that it gives kids a chance to learn about nature. From observing animals in their natural habitat to learning about plants and trees, the outdoors is an excellent place for kids to develop an appreciation for the natural world. This knowledge is not only crucial for their cognitive development but also helps them form a strong connection with the environment.

#5 The Outdoors Encourages Imagination and Creativity

The great thing about being outside is that there are no limits to what kids can do! With a bit of imagination, they can transform a simple stick into a sword, a pile of leaves into a fort, or a puddle into an ocean. This freedom to imagine and create is essential for their cognitive development and helps them express their creativity.

#6 The Outdoors Helps Kids Develop Motor Skills

Crawling, climbing, and running are all critical gross motor skills that kids need to develop. The outdoors is literally the perfect place to practice these skills! From climbing trees to balancing on logs, the outdoors provides plenty of opportunities for kids to hone their gross motor skills.

The Takeaway

Now that you know what the outdoors can do for kids, hopefully you will guide them to experience it more often. And maybe, you might even get them to love it well into adulthood.

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