5 Ways To Stay Calm When It’s All Feeling Too Much To Handle

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Learning to stay calm is not always easy. Here are 5 ways to stay calm when things start to feel overwhelming.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Trying to stay calm is not always possible when we feel we are unable to deal with what is going on in our everyday lives. And while common wisdom says that you have to focus on your well-being in order to feel like you are calm, it’s also important to have a number of tools that you can incorporate into your life so you can stay calm in stressful situations. 

Here are 5 simple ways to stay calm when it’s all feeling a bit too much to handle.

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#1 Breathing

Many people don’t fully understand the value in breathing to calm the mind, but breathing is one of the best approaches that will make a big difference. Box breathing is one technique used by Navy SEALS, and you can look at healthline.com to gain an insight on this. Having a breathing technique is an essential tool, though not many understand the physiological reasons behind it. Put simply, when you are breathing calmly, you are taking control over your fight or flight response. 

#2 Use of Supplements

There are many different methods of dealing with stress especially in terms of supplements. It’s important to remember, that one can use a combination of methods. For example, CBD is very popular for calming stress and sites like sugarandkush.com that offer such items, know how important it is to calm stress.

Stressful situations can cause harm to your health, and having supplements handy can be used as a part of a long-term strategy for bring a sense of calm to your life. There are different types of CBD products that can help in your quest for calm. Keep your eye on supplements like CBD gummies, CBD infused vitamins, and other supplements that could provide calming benefits.

#3 Stop Focusing on the End Result

Something that we are all guilty of is not enjoying the journey. When we feel stressed because of life’s roller coaster effects, we must realize that it is because we are too focused on the end result. And that, my friends, causes exhaustion. If you are chasing a big goal that requires a lot of time and patience, it’s important to focus on the positive thoughts and let go of the negative ones. Replace them with positive feedback and split up your goals into more attainable ones.  

#4 Go Slower

We are always going a million miles per hour, but there are parts of our lives where we don’t need to speed up. We have to learn how to be patient, to live in the present, and in order to do this, we’ve got to slow down. But sometimes, slowing down can be difficult without getting a little help from products like CBD Gummies UK.

Another great example is to physically slow down, like at the dinner table. Rather than whipping up a to-go meal, have a go at sitting at the dining table and eating. Try to become a mindful eater that pays attention to their food and this will in turn, breed patience. Not to mention, going slower in life and in eating, will be extremely helpful to your stress and digestion.

#5 Practice Being Patient

A logical follow-up to going slower, is learning to increase your patience. To increase your ability to stay cool and calm in stressful situations, requires some of the other calm-inducing techniques mentioned above like the box breathing technique. Other examples include taking long walks, taking a yoga class or meditation class, or even getting in the longest line at the grocery store. Slowly embed the habit of practicing patience in your daily routine to see real results.

The Takeaway 

Staying calm in stressful situations may seem difficult, but you just need to learn how to practice this skill. As humans, we are incredibly adaptable. And the next time you feel overwhelmed, changing how you think about the situation and remembering that you can adapt, will make a massive difference.

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