A Complete Guide To Prepping Fun School Lunches For Kids

We all want our kids to have fun school lunches, but we also need them to be nutritional. So, how do you do that? Here’s a complete guide!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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It’s not too surprising that we want our kids to have the best school lunches. If you’ve opted to give your kids packed lunches for school, you gain a lot of control over what they eat. And while you can’t guarantee they’re not going to trade their lunch for someone else’s on the playground, you can make sure that everything going into their lunchbox is of the best quality, healthy, balanced and delicious. But where should you start?

Here’s a complete guide to prepping fun and healthy lunches for your little ones.

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#1 Sandwiches

Sandwiches really are a lunchbox staple. They’re easy to make. They’re easy to pack. They’re easy and relatively mess-free. But this doesn’t mean you have to make and pack the exact same sandwich every day.

Variety is key. You can make your kids enjoy their sandwiches by giving them a fun surprise. To do this, just use some cookie cutters or bread imprint stamps to make the sandwiches into fun shapes or so they have fun designs on them. You can also mix up the ingredients and fillings. Honey wheat bread, whole wheat bread, multigrain bread, fajita wrap, spinach wrap, lettuce wrap, and even pita bread, can all give sandwiches variety. Cold cuts can be thin sliced, or thick sliced, and you can have many different kinds of cold cuts, too. You can add different kinds of greens like kale, baby spinach, romaine lettuce, or arugula. Add some condiments to it as well, like a light dressing, mayo, or perhaps add some spices like Paprika or Turmeric. Sandwiches can be fun and unique, while also staying a healthy option.

#2 Veggie Salad

Salads don’t come off as a lunch worthy of kids’ approval. But it is a healthy option and provides a unique spin to school lunches. A salad–like any healthy option–needs to be convincing as the best option for kids. That’s why putting a spin on salad is super important!

Try a veggie salad using baby carrots, celery sticks, and cheese squares. You can also opt add in different organic dressings, that are jam packed full of healthy nutrients. Veggie salads are a great way to introduce super healthy foods as lunches to your kids.

#3 Pastas

While sandwiches are easy and fun, you don’t have to stick to them for every lunch. Good quality tupperware can contain cold pastas with an array of delicious sauces.  Just make the pasta, allow it to cool, spoon it into the tupperware and refrigerate it overnight. Again, there’s a lot of scope for experimentation here. Different pasta shapes, different sauces, different additional toppings… the world is your oyster.

#4 Sushi

The rise of bento boxes has seen more kids taking sushi to school than ever before in Western society. Sushi is delicious and can introduce kids to new cultures and foods at an early age. From salmon options to vegetarian and vegan sushi with cucumber and avocado, there’s going to be something that suits any kid’s tastes.

#5 Snacks

Every lunchbox meal should be accompanied by a fun snack. Now, many parents put a cake, a chocolate bar or another type of sweet in to fill this gap. But you could choose something that is delicious but a little healthier. Consider homemade options like homemade popcorn bars, granola bars, cereal bars and more. This gives you more control over the sugar content and general nutritional content of the snacks you’re giving to your kid. Another good option includes vegetable crisps instead of regular crisps.

#6 Fruit

Make sure that your little one’s lunchbox always contains at least one portion of fruit. It’s important that your child gets their five a day every day and having a portion or two at lunch time can help them to reach this goal. Popular lunchbox options include whole fruits that have their own natural protection, such as bananas, pears, apples and oranges. These are easy to pack and are unlikely to squash throughout the day, before they’re eaten. If you have good tupperware, you could also consider berries and cut fruits, such as kiwi or melon.

#7 Drinks

You should pack a drink in your kid’s lunchbox too. Generally speaking, water is always the best drink, as it’s hydrating without any unnecessary sugar or other additions. But you can always consider cartons of organic juice, bottles of flavored water, and other healthier options. Remember, drinks should add natural health to kids’ school lunches as it can help them to stay hydrated while eating their lunch.

The Takeaway

School lunches really can be fun and healthy at the same time. Hopefully, the information above goes to show this and will serve as good inspiration for you. Stock up on ingredients and give a few different options a try!

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