5 Ways To Help Someone In A Dark Place

Do you know someone who is in a dark place that may need your guidance? If so, here are 5 ways to help someone in a dark place.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Life is not simple for everyone. There are people who bounce out of bed and feel the positive vibes right away. They don’t worry about mistakes, problems, or cringe-worthy things that happened to them in the past. But it’s not that way for a lot of people.

There are many out there who struggle with daily life. Their thoughts run amuck and the pressure can be too much to handle. As their friend, you have an opportunity to make things better for them. While you may not solve the problem directly, you can do a few things to help out.

Here are some tips to help someone in a dark place!

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#1 Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty For It 

One of the worst things you can do is go on the offensive and be more aggressive with the things you say to them. It’s difficult to see someone you care about struggling, and it can be frustrating. But don’t make them feel guilty for that frustration you’re feeling–it will only exacerbate their inner turmoil as time moves on.

#2 Acquire Professional Help 

You’re not going to be able to handle every single situation on your own. You’re going to need help from experts who have experience dealing with people in crisis. Whether it’s a case of seeking substance use treatment or helping them with overcoming painful thoughts, it is worth the effort.

#3 Keep Their Mind Occupied

This is easier to say than do. When someone is in a bad place, just getting out of bed is hard. If you can get them to exercise, they’ll not only stay fit, but their minds will also be distracted long enough to focus on having a good experience in that moment. Small distractions from their daily struggles can be a motivational step in showing them what life could look like if they took care of their mind.

#4 Make Them Feel Useful

Pity isn’t a good thing for someone to feel. Every now and again when someone needs to be helped out, it can be okay. Too much help offered could make them feel useless and pathetic. Instead, offer to help and accept their rejection of your assistance if and when, you think it’s healthy to do so. This will allow them to feel autonomous while also feeling comforted.

#5 Let Them Talk And Allow Them To Fully Trust You

When a person is in a dark place, it is always a good thing to have trustworthy people around them. By having this support, they can really begin the road to recovery. It may be hard to earn their trust, but once you have it, it may make their outlook more positive than usual.

You don’t even need to say or do anything of great substance. Just being there for them can help you gain their trust. Letting them talk without any judgment could also cause you to earn their trust.

The Takeaway

If you know someone who is in a dark place, who is struggling mentally and emotionally, then the tips above could be useful in helping them out of their dark place. Just having an ear to listen to helps so many people believe in themselves again. Remember, offer your help, but don’t be pushy about it.

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