How To Design Your Home Gym

Are you tired of paying monthly gym fees, only to never actually go to the gym? With this guide on how to design your home gym, you can finally cancel your gym membership!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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While gyms have reopened, many people have seen that there are a lot of benefits to working out at home from the convenience of not having to travel anywhere to the money saved on gym membership fees. A home gym, even as a small workout space,  is also one of the hottest features that real estate agents recommend when updating your home to sell it fast. If you are looking at your Queens home and wondering how you can make space for a home gym, the good news is that you can make a lot happen in a small space. Whether you have an entire basement to work with, are incorporating your gym in your living room, or need a room that doubles as a gym and home office, designing a home gym can be easier than you might think, even if your gym is competing with your kids’ play area.

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Designate the space

The last thing you want is to have your workout area taken over by your family’s own play or homework area. The first step to creating your home gym is to decide where it will be. The home gym can be a convertible space—such as in the living room or an extra bedroom—but what’s key is to set it up as an area designed for working out. To do this, create a schedule for you and your family to stick to, this way everyone know’s when the space will be occupied. If you have the square footage, set up workout equipment–this will also communicate the role that part of your home will play. Setting up your home gym can also be a selling point if you are staging your home to sell in Queens, so remember to keep the area with current design themes.

Make it comfortable

A room with no windows is not necessarily the best place to set up your gym, because you need some sort of ventilation and a way to keep it cool. If you do opt for the basement, make sure you have fans or some way to circulate air while you are working out. Workout mats are also a must for stretching and cooling down. Even a mini fridge with cold waters would be an added comfort. And don’t forget to put in a resting or sitting area for you to cool down. You may also wish to consider getting basement waterproofing in Central IL, or wherever you are, to make sure that the space is going to be safe for you and your family to use – you don’t want this new space to be out of use due to something that can be prevented. 

Do less with more

Creating a home gym doesn’t have to mean bringing in a full weight rack and bench, you might be surprised by how you can get in a great workout with just a mat and a few free weights. If you are building a gym in a small space, then working with a few key pieces can help you keep your space organized when you aren’t using it. Items like book shelves can double as a home gym organization method.

Create storage and useful features

Building out your home gym is more than just bringing your workout equipment into your home. Think of this space like a gym, incorporating a way to store everything, keeping it functional and in line with your home decor. You might get baskets to store weights and towels, or a cubby for your yoga mat. If you are working out online be sure to have a power outlet to charge your computer or a place for speakers. 

The Takeaway

With a bit of guidance, your home gym will feel like the best place to be. You may even find that you can cancel your gym membership because it’s so much more convenient to get your workout done at home. 

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