Traveling Long Term? Here Are 4 Things To Keep In Mind

Are you traveling somewhere long-term, or relocating to a new country permanently? Here are 4 things to keep in mind!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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You’ve planned your trip of a lifetime, saved up the funds, and are ready to head on your trip. But there are still so many details to consider, like vaccinations, immunization records, covid testing, updating your passport, and whether your location can accommodate vegan dietary requirements as well as gluten-free dietary restrictions.

Fortunately, with some foresight and planning (and perhaps a little help from your friends who have done this before), things won’t be as challenging as they first seem. That’s why we’ve put together 4 things to keep in mind while traveling.

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Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Expect to spend more money on calls and texts than you do on anything else while travelling. This is just one of the many sacrifices you must make to have the experience of a lifetime

Some regions of the world require the purchase of phone cards, and cell phone companies charge high rates for international calls. So if you’re looking to keep in touch with friends, you’ll need to find the best and most affordable method of doing so. One way to do it is with a smartphone–you can download apps that let you call people for free (or a small fee per minute), or if you have a data plan that allows you to use your phone abroad.

Learn the Language

If you plan on spending a lengthy period of time in a new location or you’re taking a longer than normal vacation, it will do you some good to learn the language of your new location. You can always hire a language tutor or download a language app–either option will be beneficial in helping you acclimate to your new location.

Get to Know the Culture Before You Go

As well as the language, try to get to know the culture as best you can. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with people in the local area, and learn about their lives. You’ll be given a glimpse into the life of a person who might otherwise be very different from you. 

While you’re at it, try to learn more about the country’s history and cultural norms, such as how to behave in religious ceremonies, what to expect at the doctor’s office, how to get around and ask for directions, and, most importantly, what not to do.

Hire Storage 

If you’re planning on being gone for a long time, finding a place to store your stuff is a good idea. You might want to look into hiring a storage facility, or use a trusted family member or friend who has a large enough space to keep your stuff safe. This will save you money and make it easier to come home, as you won’t have to drive back to your place to pick up your belongings.

If you’re storing your car, make sure to keep it in a secure place. You don’t want someone to break in and steal it. Companies like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. can store a few items or your entire collection of belongings if you are moving out completely to travel. Just be sure to think about this way ahead of your travel plans, as you wouldn’t want to leave this part as a last-minute decision.

The Takeaway

Traveling long-term is like a rollercoaster ride that never ends–it’s exciting, challenging, and filled with many ups and downs. You’ll have to stick to a budget, be ready to adapt to different environments and make new friends along the way. But while it might seem overwhelming, with careful planning, you can make long term travel plans super smooth!

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