Four Ways To Protect Your Engagement Ring

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If you have just gotten engaged, congratulations! Now, you need to know how to protect your engagement ring.

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If you have just gotten engaged, congratulations! Now comes the part where you learn some basic tips to protect your ring from damage.

Whether you’ve purchased your engagement ring from a big brand like Moissanite by Gema&Co or another popular company, they all need to be cleaned in order to be protected from damage. Here are five ways to protect your ring.

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Avoid resizing

Resizing your engagement ring should only be done by a trusted jeweler. Most jewelers use two methods for resizing rings. First, the jeweler cuts off a small portion of the ring’s shank and attaches the pieces with solder. The second method involves adding a bit of metal to the shank to make the ring bigger. However, this method costs more than reducing the size.

Another method involves cutting the band. This method is effective for small ring modifications but only goes up to a half size. Reworks are more expensive because they require cutting the band and soldering additional pieces into the gap. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to avoid resizing engagement rings. Read on to learn more. After reading this article, you’ll be better able to choose the best option for your ring!

Avoid hot water

Using hot water and soaps can cause the ring to become dented and lose its sparkle. While wearing your engagement ring during a shower won’t necessarily damage it immediately; exposing it to hot water will cause the stone to lose its sparkle over time. The same goes for using scented soaps and beauty products. Exposure to these products over an extended period will cause more damage than you might realize. You should also avoid using hair products and perfumes on your engagement ring. However, you can’t completely avoid bathing or showering with your engagement ring.

It’s best to take off the ring before entering the shower or bath. Additionally, if you are looking to clean your ring, rather than using hot water from the tap, you can use distilled water as it is mineral-free so less damaging. Since it’s not that easy to make at home, it’s important to buy it. It’s super simple to find a location, just Google your question and location like this, “where to buy distilled water uk” and a list of your local stores selling distilled water should populate.

Avoid hand sanitizer

If you want to avoid being burned while wearing your ring, it is best to avoid sanitizing your hands with hand sanitizer. This is especially important if you buy a ring that contains precious stones. The chemicals in hand sanitizer can erode the stone’s color and sparkle and make it less likely to stay intact. However, by following these precautions, you can ensure that your engagement ring will stay in good condition.

Avoid soaps

When it comes to cleaning your engagement ring, it’s best to avoid soaps and body washes. While they’re not harmful, these products will leave a film on the surface, dulling the sparkle. Other soaps and cleaners with harsh chemicals, such as bleach, can damage the metal and dull the ring’s luster. Listed below are some other products to avoid when cleaning your ring.

Handwashing with a block of mild soap and water is the safest way to clean your engagement ring at home. Handwashing won’t harm your ring, but you’ll need to switch to a milder soap if you use a body-washing detergent. Avoid hand sanitizers as well. If you must use these products, they can harm your engagement ring.

Avoid chlorine

There are a few reasons why you should avoid chlorine when buying engagement rings. First, chlorine reacts with gold alloys, especially platinum, making the ring less durable. Even though chlorine in swimming pools is much lower than that in household bleach, the ring can still tarnish or lose its stone if it is regularly exposed to it. This is especially true of cheap jewelry. However, it’s not impossible to avoid chlorine altogether.

The most obvious reason is because of its damaging effect on gold. Chlorine is found in cleaning products, including hand sanitizers. Remove the ring and wear gloves whenever you’re cleaning with chlorine. Then, store it in a soft cloth bag or original box. Please keep it away from other pieces of jewelry, including other gemstones. Also, remember that gold is not indestructible, so it’s best to keep it away from moving hands.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If you ask friends and family, you might find some other tips for cleaning. But not all are safe for the longevity of your ring. Tips like using rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer should be avoided as they have harsh chemicals that can ruin the shine and color.

The Takeaway

Protecting your engagement ring is something everyone can do. Don’t forget to use a jewelry cleaner to clean your ring after bathing. And make sure you dry it carefully after use. Keep in mind that the care of your ring should not be skipped if you intend to keep the ring in tip-top shape for a long time.

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