What Habits Could Be Harming Your Skin?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s a good idea to keep it in great shape. But what habits could be harming your skin? Let’s find out.

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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The skin on our bodies is very important. It literally holds us together, and depending on how it looks, can make or break our confidence. Our skin is so amazing, it is a great way to tell us how healthy we are in general.

Even though our skin is very important, and we need to take care of it, there are a lot of things we might be doing that could be hurting it. We don’t always realize this is the case, but if you try your hardest to take care of your skin and nothing seems to help, then you might be engaging in some bad habits that are causing your skin real harm.

Let’s take a look at some of these bad habits.

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Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water throughout the day is one of the main reasons why people have bad skin or skin that looks unhealthy. If we don’t get enough water, we can easily become dehydrated. This is bad for our health in many ways, but it shows up most on our skin. Skin needs moisture to look and work well, which is why we should moisturize every day. But moisturizing isn’t enough; we also need to drink a lot of water.

Remember that for the best effect, you should just drink water. Soda, energy drinks, and hot drinks like coffee and tea are not as healthy, and their ingredients can even make you lose water. When you drink enough water, your skin keeps its elasticity. This means that lines and wrinkles don’t form as easily, and blood flows through your skin more easily. This keeps your skin working the way it’s supposed to. If you find you’re dehydrated and need to get some help quickly, IV therapy could be the ideal solution. 


Do you want to pick at a pimple or other mark on your skin as soon as you see it? If so, you’re not the only one. Many people do the same thing. They do it either because they think it will help the pimple go away faster or because they like it. The problem is that when you squeeze a pimple, you spread the bacteria to other parts of your face, which makes the pimples bigger. And worse, if you pick your skin you will cause scarring.

To learn how to get rid of zits quicker without squeezing them, see a dermatologist. You’ll learn a lot, and you just may be able to put an end to this unhealthy behavior and bad habit. 

Cleansing Too Much

People tell us that we should wash, tone, and moisturize our faces every day. But too much cleaning can be bad for the skin, which is why you should only do this once a day and not more than that.

It’s a good idea to clean your face well before bed. You’ll get rid of the grease and dirt that have built up on your skin during the day, and your skin will be able to start healing itself while you sleep. You should look rested and young when you wake up in the morning. But in the morning, it’s best to just wash your face with a wet cloth instead of doing a full cleanse again. This is because keeping some natural oils on our skin is useful and good for us. If you wash this off too soon, you might get pimples.

The Takeaway

By removing a few bad habits, your skin could look and feel amazing! Remember, don’t over do it with cleansing, and stop any habits of picking.

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