How Moms Can Balance Their Moods

A mom’s mood can either make or break their entire day with family, friends, kids, or even at work. So, here are 6 tips on how moms can balance their moods.

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Are you currently in need of a mood boost?

Working off little amounts of sleep with little ones running around can make it hard to stay energized. As a mom I completely understand the struggle of trying to find the energy, but you’re exhausted. That is why I created this amazing list of methods to give you that boost of excitement, relaxation, and energy to truly enhance your day.

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#1 Breathing Exercises

Using this technique is truly a game changer for moms. I first came across the technique when my kids were just starting elementary school and I was so overwhelmed. What I loved about this was that I could use it in any environment such as cooking, in the bed, waiting for the kids in the car, or while taking a shower. It truly changed the way I felt and how I responded to the busyness of the day.

Breathing exercises can help with lowering the amount of cortisol you have in the body. It is great for clearing your mind to help you gain clarity. This method can be taken to another level by adding other relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation, and essential oils to intensify the experience. 

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#2 Humming

Being a mom can have you running in circles at times, so it is a must to have quick tools on hand for those busy days.  Humming is something we all do naturally when we hear an amazing song, but it can provide your body with lower stress, clearer thoughts, a dance break, and a happier mood. 

When we start to hum, our bodies will automatically start to self soothe itself. It is amazing how the body works. Additional benefits of using humming throughout the week is releasing tension, negative thoughts and boosting your energy levels. Humming is perfect for the whole household, so involve those babies in the fun.

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#3 Nature

Nature is something that everyone can truly benefit from when you just need a change of scenery. All moms deserve to have a break from being in the house especially if it’s healthy for you and your child. The benefits of just sitting outdoors are that you feel more productive, less racing thoughts, increased feelings of being calm and excited about your day.

The amazing thing about being around nature is that it is quick and doesn’t take a long amount of time to feel the benefits of it. 

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#4 Getting Dressed Up With A Celebration

You can never get too old to play in clothes and play dress up! There is something about putting on an outfit that makes you feel like you’re dressed for the red carpet and ready to show out.  And there is nothing like the rush of happiness that you get from putting in time for yourself.

To get the most from this, I want you to find a color that really makes you feel beautiful. Next, I want you to choose an outfit that makes you feel excited and confident. Now it is time to get the kids together, while mama walks the runway (a.k.a the hallway). If your kids are too little to cheer you on, put on a video that is cheering while your baby watches the celebration. This moment will help boost your self-steam, confidence, and mood. All moms deserve to feel and be celebrated!

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#5 Dance Breaks

You can never have too much music or too much dancing. The interesting thing about dancing and using it as a form of relaxation is how you use it. To perform a good dance break, you need music that truly speaks to your emotions. Create a list of music that connects to the emotions that you need an extra boost in, such as mantras for positive thoughts or K-pop for a boost of happiness. The great thing about using dance breaks is that you can do it anywhere, and you can involve your kids. Enjoy dance breaks in your car, in your kitchen or outside. Make it fun!

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#6 Mommy & Me Workouts

The greatest thing about motherhood is that kids love a lot of the same things that we love. When I started mommy and me workouts, my entire view on self-care changed. I realized that my kids needed relaxation and a boost of happiness just as much as I did.  To start mommy and me workouts, you’ll want to take some time to figure out what you both have in common. What do you and your child enjoy? What will keep them interested while being fun? The biggest thing to remember is that you want them to be involved with the decision-making process. The goal is to have fun, to feel good, be creative and to keep it simple. 

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The Takeaway

Being a mother can feel like you’re experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions being thrown at you constantly.  As a mom myself, I understand how tough it can be at times to not always feel the way you desire. Hopefully, this list of ideas will give you the boost that you need throughout the day. 

Keep growing and glowing mamas!

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