3 Simple Steps To Relieve Jaw Pain

If you suffer from TMJ or some other type of jaw pain, then you may need some steps to help with it. Here are three simple steps to relieve jaw pain.

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Around 12% of people in the U.S. suffer from TMJ, better known as temporomandibular joint pain. It can cause chronic pain, funny sounds in your ears, and even restrict your jaw’s movement. As such, jaw pain becomes irritating and uncomfortable to experience, but thankfully this guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to start reducing your symptoms in no time at all. Let’s discuss 3 simple steps to help you through this pain.

Find Out What’s Wrong 

Getting to the bottom of your jaw pain is the most important step you need to take, as it’s going to be tricky to find a solution unless you know what’s actually wrong. There are lots of things that can be causing your jaw pain. As discussed above, TMJ is the prevalent form of jaw pain in America, but you can also experience jaw pain from injuries, overuse, and even a genetic condition. That’s why heading to the doctor is the best course of action, as they can help you find out what’s causing it. Once they do that, they’ll likely send you in the direction of the most appropriate solution. They might send you to a TMJ dentist or even to a physiotherapist, but they can no doubt aid you in clearing the air as to why you are experiencing jaw pain. 

Heat Or Ice 

The best steps that you can take to combat the painful symptoms associated with jaw pain involves the use of heat or ice. One of the two will certainly provide you with the relief you need, so source a heat pack and an ice pack so that you can experiment with both to see which one works the best! Make sure you cover up a heat pack or an ice pack with a cloth before you put it anywhere near your face, as they can cause burns when making direct contact with your skin. If you don’t have access to a heat or ice pack, you can simply run a cloth underneath the tap (using hot water or cold water) for similar effects! 

Kick Chewy Foods To The Curb 

Kicking chewy foods to the curb is a brilliant way to take good care of your jaw, as these can cause real irritation and make your jaw pain even worse than it needs to be! Chewy foods include things that are tricky to bite into like apples or ice, as well as sticky foods that take a long time to chew like caramel, jerky and chewing gum. Stick to softer foods that don’t put too much pressure on your teeth, as this will ensure you can minimize your jaw pain and remain as comfortable as can be! 

The Takeaway

Relieving your jaw pain has never been such a simple goal. Take some time to review some of the effective recommendations that have been carefully described above. Follow these steps today to gain relief in no time at all, and don’t forget to kick chewy foods to the curb! 

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