Steps To Take If You Have Been Falsely Accused Of Assault

A false assault accusation can have damaging effects on your life and reputation. Here’s a few steps to take in case you have been falsely accused of assault.

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A false assault accusation can have damaging effects on your life and reputation. Even a mere allegation is enough to impact your work and family relationships. A potential conviction is not a situation that you can take lightly. Here are some steps to take when faced with false assault accusations:

Understand the gravity of the situation

The first step when facing assault charges is to understand they are serious allegations. Assault charges and convictions can bring all you have built down the drain. Understanding the potential consequences you could face will help you approach the situation with a sober mind. Denial will do nothing but waste crucial time.

Bumbling along with life as the charges escalate could result in more trouble, and you may find yourself in a deeper hole than the one you were in when the allegations started. Realise the gravity of the situation so that you act promptly. That way, you can save yourself before things get out of hand.

Manage your emotions

Facing assault accusations can be angering. You will want to pull out your hair in frustration and confront the people making the false charges. While it is normal to feel that way, you have to try and control your emotions lest they put you in a worse place.

Keep your emotions in check and take responsibility for the next steps. You will be more likely to deal with the situation healthily. Understandably, the allegations may come as a shock to you. However, you should not contact your accuser to clear the air or defend yourself. Ensure you keep your head and emotions in check. Don’t do anything retaliatory.

Analyze the motives behind the charges

Try to get to the bottom of the reasons behind the false allegations. The accuser could be trying to get back at you because of a disagreement or something you did to them. A motive behind the allegations will help your case if it goes to trial. It can also come in handy in the negotiation process.

Work with a professional attorney

You will need a seasoned attorney to get yourself out of the mess that is assault allegations. Your best chance at winning is to contact a sex crime attorney who specializes in such cases. Hiring just any attorney will not cut it. Look through the lawyer’s CV to ascertain that they have dealt with incidents similar to yours. Hiring a lawyer comes at a cost. Prepare for the cost of your defence. Getting a lawyer is more expensive than representing yourself, but it is the best idea if you hope to get out of the allegations with minimal scathing.

Have a detailed account of the event and possible witnesses

Be sure to record all the details of what transpired on the day of the accusations. Note down a detailed account of everything that led up to the allegations. Your attorney should have all the details of what happened–even the seemingly tiny ones that seem pertinent.

You have a better chance of winning the case if you have a clear picture showing that the accuser manufactured the allegations. Make your case more airtight by getting a list of witnesses to corroborate your account. An alibi and character witnesses who will help construct the motive behind the allegations are a lifesaver.

Know your rights

Be informed about your rights. You are under no obligation to talk to the police. They can use what you say against you in court. Refrain from answering police questions without the presence of your legal team. Saying too much to the police could backfire and get you in more trouble. Your best bet is exercising your right to remain silent.

Preserve crucial evidence

The jury judges the case by looking at the evidence that both parties present before them. You have a better chance of saving yourself when you have solid evidence to back you. Gather as much evidence as possible. Have a record of the events and preserve all physical evidence relating to the case.

In this regard, keep photos, videos, clothing, and screenshots of conversations with the accuser. Receipts that show where you were at the time of the crime also come in handy. Your potential witnesses also make for excellent evidence to corroborate your account of events.

The Takeaway

An assault case will drag your name and reputation through the mud. It may feel like there is no coming out of such allegations unwounded. However, you have the best fighting chance with the appropriate support and the help of an experienced attorney.

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