6 Date Night Ideas For Busy Parents

If you’re a busy parent, then you need a date night. But what kind of date is worth the effort? Here are 6 date night ideas!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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If you are hard-working parents, the chances are that you don’t get to spend as much time together as you want to. But without time together, love and romance can become stifled where resentment and stress tend to grow.

While feeling temporarily disconnected from your partner is a normal relationship issue, the good news is that it can be easily fixed! All you need to do is make a commitment to spend more time together each week and try one (or more) of the date night ideas below!

#1 Have a Romantic Dinner at Home

If you both work tight work shifts and run a busy schedule, you might not have time for out-of-the-house kind of date night. However, at least once a week, you can certainly make time to have a romantic dinner at home – maybe once your little ones have dozed off!

If you enjoy cooking, a great way to make the whole night special is to cook together, play with different ingredients, and experience new recipes. 

But if you are not into cooking, don’t fret! Solutions like frozen Mexican dinners and take-out meals can help you make the most of an evening with your spouse without having to spend hours in the kitchen!

#2 Make Time for a Mid-Week Picnic

As studies have shown, individuals enjoy greater happiness and meaning when they spend time with their spouses compared to when they are away from them. So you might not have plenty of time to spare during the day, but you should definitely try to carve out some room for a picnic date! 

If the weather and your schedule allow it, make sure to make the evening extra special by spending time stargazing!

#3 Plan a Weekend Getaway

Undeniably, planning a vacation can be stressful, especially if you or your partner feel alone in this task! But planning a small weekend getaway can be much easier and will provide a great date adventure.

To enjoy a more stress-free experience, consider planning a short trip to a dream destination, such as Koh Tao in Thailand or Rome, Italy! This way you can extend your date, add extra fun, and feel like you are both getting the break you deserve. 

#4 Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Date nights can be special even if you don’t have anything planned! If you just wish to spend some special time with your partner, consider taking an afternoon or evening walk around your neighborhood, pretending to be tourists. You’ll be sure to find a new cafe, bar, or restaurant to enjoy together!

#5 Watch a Classic Movie at the Cinema

You might already be going to the cinema as a family to watch animated movies and family-friendly shows. But what about spending exclusive time with each other at the movies?

Going to the movies to watch a recent release or a classic blockbuster can bring back memories and help you build some new ones. If you’re not sure which movie to watch, then catch up the with latest details on this site, Star Wars news is your source for news – The Direct. They have every new update that all movie lovers can sink their teeth into!

#6 Learn Something New Together

If you are looking for an educational but fun activity to enjoy with your other half, consider signing up for a course and learning a new skill together! From going to cooking classes or wine tasting sessions to participating in dance courses or drama classes, there are endless options to carve out some special time with your spouse!

The Takeaway

Date nights don’t have to be luxury, expensive, or even out of the house. The most important thing to remember when planning a date night is to plan enough time to enjoy each other so you feel refreshed and recharged afterwards.

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