Nick Cannon And The Myth That Money Equates To Good Parenting

When celebrities like Nick Cannon equate good parenting with money, it only hurts children and other parents. Here’s why.

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When Nick Cannon began his fatherhood journey, most of us were rather impressed. I mean, here’s this young man who managed to earn the affection of an R&B legend and start his journey into parenthood while in wedlock. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the couple didn’t work out and officially split in 2016. Nevertheless, a few snide comments aside, the ex-couple landed on their feet and seemed to have a very amicable co-parenting relationship. In other words, Nick Cannon appeared to be a relatively normal dad until recent events. 

Nick Cannon’s Seed

Since his unfortunate split with Mariah, Nick Cannon has had a stream of children. At this point, he is on the verge of having his eighth child and is said to have at least several others on the way.

However, it’s not the number of kids that’s so troubling; it’s the number of moms. Presently, Nick Cannon has children with five different women and may also have more being born later this year. 

Generally speaking, those who have expressed concern about Nick Cannon’s new tribe are told to mind their business. This is especially the case for moms and so-called commoners who do not live a wealthy bachelor’s lifestyle. The general consensus is that all people with concerns are simply jealous or don’t understand how easy parenting is when you’re filthy rich. Nevertheless, a single Black mom would like a word. 

Money Does NOT Make a Good Parent

Although having lots of money can certainly make aspects of raising a child simpler, it is no replacement for having an active, present parent. Let’s be clear, Nick Cannon is one of the busiest men in the entertainment industry.

Although one of his most recent shows got canceled, he seems to be the go-to guy in terms of hosting and all-around entertainment. So not only does he have his own show, Wild ‘N Out, and hosts shows, such as The Masked Singer, he’s still a working actor who makes extra appearances and frequently takes on new projects. While this indeed makes money plentiful, this also causes his dad duty time to be scarce. 

Let’s Be Realistic

No matter how rich you are, finding enough time and energy to take care of 8 kids in 5 different households is impossible. Kids need help with homework, help to learn grooming skills, help to learn etiquette and manners, etc., and that’s only in the later years. When they are born, they need constant care around the clock. Let’s face facts, Nick Cannon may have a ton of money but there’s only one Nick Cannon and he can’t be in all 5 locations at one time.

Kids need help feeding themselves, bathing, learning to walk, learning to talk, socializing, and pretty much anything else you can think of. How much time do you think a famous, working actor will have to spend doing such things? They are all being raised in different households which makes this is an almost impossible feat. We’re not talking about nannies; we’re not talking about family and friends; we’re talking about their father!

The Absent Father Problem

Absent fathers cause far more damage than most wish to acknowledge. Children with absent fathers are more likely to become addicted to drugs, drop out of school, develop low self-esteem, have children out of wedlock, end up in prison, or even in poverty. All the money in the world can’t prevent the trust issues, sibling rivalries, neglect, and other negatives these children will experience simply because their father is too busy making money.

Indeed, even if Nick Cannon quits all of his jobs and becomes a stay-at-home dad, his children will still not get enough fatherly attention because they are all being raised by different women, who are scattered across the country. For those who assume this is mere speculation, one of his children’s mothers has said she has to make an appointment with his assistant to see him. Therefore, the notion that he might secretly be an overly involved dad is highly doubtful. 

Perhaps I’m biased, but I believe that the vast majority of childrearing falls on women in most instances. So, maybe there’s just a prominent blind spot in terms of understanding the importance of being physically, emotionally, and psychologically present in our children’s lives. However, given that he was raised by a strict father, who wouldn’t even allow him to watch television, it seems that his notions about parenting may be false. Sometimes, when raised by an overly strict parent, children go above and beyond to be the opposite of their own children. Either way, Nick Cannon’s fatherly parenting helped him become who he is today. Only time will tell how his hands-off parenting method will affect his children. 

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