5 Tips To Help Stressed Out Moms

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Moms take care of pretty much everything in the home, which can cause them to feel stressed out. So how do you reduce this? Here are 5 tips!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Do you have mommy burnout? We understand that! Taking care of children, working from home, and maintaining the home, can make you stressed out. 

Though it is normal for moms to feel stressed out, severe stress could be dangerous and affect emotional and physical well-being. And that demands making some lifestyle changes to recover yourself. That’s why we put together 5 natural, emotional, and practical tips to help mamas cope with their stress.  

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#1 Know the Stress Signs

First and foremost, knowing and finding your reactions to stress is a must. High heart rate and increasing blood pressure are common signs. You can also experience dizziness, pounding headaches, and even excessive sweating. The symptoms can be faint or become so extreme that a visit to the emergency visit may be required. Severe stress can also cause other more serious illnesses.

On top of that, you become irritative, develop a short fuse, have setbacks in judgment, and even become impatient. If these signs aren’t enough to identify a stress problem for yourself, you can find other signs of chronic stress with further internet research. But the most important thing to remember is to take note of the signs and begin to find ways to cope and reduce the stress.

#2 Get Involved Socially

Engaging in social activities can be a great way to reduce stress. There are may ways to be social including at your job, joining mom’s group╠ús,  meeting with your friends or family, teach class, etc. 

When you engage socially, you’re effectively providing yourself with an outlet. Friends and co-workers can listen to your daily stressors as well as provide guidance, advice, tips, and comfort. Just be sure to provide it back.

#3 Use Natural Herbs

Researchers advise that natural herbs treat depression, anxiety, and stress. This is not something new either. People have been taking herbs for thousands of years for mental and physical issues. 

For working moms, using Cannabidiol or CBD supplements can provide a great deal of relief because it can control heart rate, prevent muscle strains, and relaxes the mind. 

There are multiple ways to consume CBD, such as oils, edibles, vaping, smoking, etc. To get more variety and quality herbal supplements, make sure to shop from a licensed dispensary. You can Google local shops and ask the reps to guide you in what’s best to de-stress you.

Other essential natural herbs that moms can take are cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, mint, and many more. These also show unique properties that are believed to relieve stress.

#4 Start Meditation & Deep-Breathing

Mental breaks, digital detoxes, deep breathing, and meditation are all effective tools that are known to help relieve stress, decompress the mind, and provide body relaxation. The great thing about these methods is that they can be done anywhere like your office, a bathroom, the gym, at yoga, in a park, and even at the supermarket.

You can start by taking a few moments to recenter and refocus your mind. Begin by inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. Hold each breath for a count of 10 seconds and then exhale slowly. Empty your mind, picture your peaceful place, and then do it again. Aim to breathe this way for as long as you need to calm yourself.

#5 Manage the household activities

The reason why moms are stressed out can be directly linked to how household activities are managed. In short, the majority of homes are run by mothers. They wear many different hats and that can cause a mother’s mental state to break down. As a result, each new item a mother takes on can cause further stress, irritation, frustration, and anger.

The best way to combat this occurrence is to delegate the tasks at home to those who can take on more responsibilities. Sharing the load can do wonders for a mom’s emotional and mental well-being. Start by assessing who can handle which household responsibility. Remember to split each task fairly amongst the helpers. If you do not have the ability to delegate to family members, then try hiring some outside help. After all, there is nothing wrong with changing the dynamic and giving yourself priority and self-care. 

The Takeaway

Because of their tiring schedule, moms can become victims to stress. If not treated on time, it can take a toll and harm health. So, do not let it disturb your enjoyment of life. Implement the effective stress management strategies mentioned in this article to get some relief from stress. And don’t forget to get practice other self-care tips to stay mentally and emotionally healthy!

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