Is Tom Brady Out Of Touch When It Comes To Parenting His Kids?

Tom Brady received a lot of backlash for claiming the hardest part of parenting his kids is his mega-wealth. Is he out of touch or do the rest of us have it all wrong?

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On the outside looking in, many celebrities appear to have perfect lives. However, as we all know, the ideal family doesn’t exist and being a celebrity or public figure adds an extra layer of difficulty and confusion. For instance, although Tom Brady is the squeaky-clean NFL frontman and father of three who rarely has any bad press, even he has complained about the struggles of raising children while in the spotlight. The following is an examination of his critiques. 

The Struggle to Teach Humility

While many parents only dream of a world in which they can give their children anything they want, this can adversely affect their ability to learn humility and relate to their fellow man. In Brady‚Äôs case, he has provided his kids with a lifestyle that includes a team of people who cater to their every beckoning call. But unfortunately, although it can be a significant privilege and convenience to provide your children with such amenities, it can also create kids that are somewhat out of touch with reality. 

Since the average person will likely never know a life that includes private jets, personal chefs, and chauffeurs, being born into such a lifestyle can make children feel entitled or even superior to others. So, even though celebrity parents are successful in providing for their children and their futures, it is often at the cost of their sensibility and overall ability to interact with and connect with others genuinely. 

Should We Break Out the Violins?

Unfortunately, since the average parent cannot relate to the woes of being a rich and famous parent, there was some backlash from Brady’s statements. This is because many people place money as the most essential factor in raising children. So, when wealthy men like Brady make such statements, it makes him seem equally out of touch. However, are we on the wrong track? Not to say that money isn’t a vital element in raising happy, well-adjusted children. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that it also seems that providing your children with too much can enable them to become entitled, pretentious people who have little empathy or sympathy for the lives and needs of others. 

Rich Vs. Respectful

Generally speaking, many parents believe that they should either focus on the finances or build respectful, hardworking children. However, this simply should not be the case. Instead, wealthy parents focus on helping their children develop a balanced worldview, while working-class parents need to focus on imparting their children with financial literacy, so they can go on to build their own empires and legacies. Unfortunately, many parents may not consider these things until it’s too late. 

The Importance of Being a Balanced Parent

No matter how great of a parent you may be, there are always things you will need to work on. Unfortunately, these things often coincide with the aspects of yourself that need work. So, for instance, if you have been primarily focused on making money for years, it’s likely that you may be neglecting your own personal development. If so, you may also not be helping your children develop either.

In the case of celebrity parents, many are so busy providing their children with great lives financially that they overlook the negative impact it’s having on their values and personality. So, although the public has judged Tom Brady and his complaints about raising children while rich, the most important thing is that he found the problem while there is still time to fix it.   

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