4 Cheese Filled Dishes That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving

Cheese works great as an appetizer, a base, or even as a staple ingredient. Here are 4 cheese filled dishes that are perfect for Thanksgiving!

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If you are having guests over for Thanksgiving, and you are starting to wonder what to cook for them, then don’t stress. There are so many avenues you can potentially go down, and it is going to be important that you think early about the kinds of meals you might want to prepare.

One thing that you’ll probably find most of your guests enjoy eating is cheese – this is very popular and it goes in a lot of meals, so it’s a good base for a lot of great eats.

Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the world’s best cheese-packed dishes that you might want to learn how to make, in order to blow away your guests with their sheer flavor. All of these are well worth looking into!

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Mac & Cheese

The moment we mentioned cheese, this was probably one of the very first meals that you thought of, and with good reason. It is certainly true that mac and cheese tends to go down well with all kinds of guests, and you should therefore make sure that you are considering this at least if you want your guests to be happy. But the question is: how can you make a perfect mac and cheese?

A lot of people will have their own version of this dish that they swear is the ultimate, but here is one idea you might want to try for yourself. This easy baked mac & cheese is so simple to put together, and yet so full of cheesy goodness, that you are going to find yourself making it time and time again. And it’s one that your guests will ask for again and again too!

Cheese Loaf

Many meals are improved by having a loaf of bread to serve with it – but what if that bread were filled with cheese? There is a loaf that you can bake at home which is just like this, and its taste can be truly incredible if you get it right. All you need to do is bake a loaf in the normal way, but add grated cheese into the dough when you are kneading it out. Then bake it and you’ll soon have your cheesy bread, perfect for dipping into hearty french onion soups or alongside a stew.

The kind of cheese you use can make a huge difference here, and you will want to experiment a little. However, a lot of people find that particularly strong cheeses, such as stilton, tend to be very effective for a cheese loaf, so they are worth trying if you are looking to have that strong taste. If you prefer it subtler, then you can of course opt for a mozzarella or a cheddar or likewise instead.

Four Cheese Pizza

Pizza is probably one of the most obvious choices when it comes to cheesy meals. Most pizzas will at least have a sprinkling of grated mozzarella on the base, but if you want to go all-out you can of course opt for the classic and well-loved four cheese pizza too. What cheese you use is, again, up to you, but certain options are particularly attractive and go well with a pizza base: feta, ricotta, and halloumi just to name a few. Again, experiment and see what you come up with, but this is something that you will find your guests absolutely love in any case. You could even make two or three pizzas with all different cheeses on them, if you like.

Aubergine Parmigiana

This dish has the benefit of being quite healthy, even though it is also full of cheese. You have probably had this in some form before. Essentially, it is just baked aubergines in a rich tomato sauce with plenty of cheese melted through it. A good way to really up the cheese quota here is to sprinkle grated parmesan on top of the sliced aubergine after you have fried them. This allows the cheese to melt into each slice deeply, so that by the time the whole thing has been baked, there is cheese through everything. It’s a really delicious way to make a favorite dish.

The Takeaway

Those are just some of the cheesy dishes you might want to think about making for your guests. All of these are bound to go down well, so make sure to have them in mind.

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