How To Personalize Your Winter Skincare

Wintertime can play havoc with your skin thanks to the dry air, harsh conditions, and high UV levels. Here’s how to personalize your winter skincare for great skin!

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Wintertime can wreak havoc on your skin thanks to the dry air, harsh conditions, and high UV levels. Add to that higher levels of dehydration, and most people will start to see negative changes to their skin as early as October, when the cool winds begin to form.

For these reasons, it is extremely important to own skin care products that you can trust, with products that maintain your skin’s quality. So whether you buy CBD bar soap online or purchase your skincare products at stores like Sephora, this guide will help you personalize your winter skincare routine so that your skin’s quality is enhanced and does not decline.

Take Your Time Finding The Right Products

Skincare products and practices have come a long way over the years, but there is still no silver bullet for everyone. Finding the right skincare routine is a personal process that requires patience and commitment. The best advice is to use a new product for at least six weeks.  However, others swear by waiting 3 months to see results.

Whichever time frame is best for you, both will give you enough information about the product and its benefits for your individual skin type. Of course, you can narrow the odds of finding the right product by reading reviews and talking to experts, but finding the ideal winter routine takes time so be sure to start early.  

Experiment With Different Cleansers

Every winter skincare routine requires a facial cleanser to clean off everyday makeup and ensure your skin stays clean, healthy, and hydrated. However, you need to find a cleanser that won’t strip the healthy and essential oils from your skin at the same time, especially in winter. 

As with most skincare products, you need to experiment to find the best ones for you; always allow six weeks to trial a new product. Try choosing cleansers with the top reviews from actual users. Be sure to test the cleanser on a patch of skin on your wrist or forearm, to make sure you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients. Once you have a product you’re happy with, use it freely, but don’t be afraid to try alternatives.

Have a Dermatologist Handy

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Maybe you have a skincare routine already, but it can be hard to know if it’s the best skincare routine for your complexion. That’s because few people understand the science behind their skin. A dermatologist can help you build the most effective skin routine. But if you don’t have one ready to see you, you can also use a personalized skincare online service as it can provide you with great information for your skin.

Forget about trawling the internet and educating yourself with reviews that work for some people but not for others. Instead, contact an expert to find out some reliable information about your skin type and tone, as well as some tailored tips on finding the best products for you. 

Understand Your Skin Tone

When it comes to makeup, knowing the type of skin tone you have is important in finding the best toner and concealer. When you don’t know your skin tone, it can result in off-color makeup that doesn’t give you optimal results.

There are various ways to discover your skin tone, one of them is to talk to a make-up expert who can test your skin against conventional color tones used in products and give you a reliable measure. Another way is to look at your veins to see if you have warm, cold, or neutral skin. 

Look For Tips Online

While it’s best to talk to an expert about your winter skincare routine and get the best-personalized advice, you don’t have to completely discount many of the online reviews and articles. There is a lot of excellent general advice on quality websites that you can learn from.  

The Takeaway

The winter season can truly be brash and harmful to your skin, but if you use a few of the tips above, you can definitely keep your skin from becoming dull and cracked.

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