How To Alleviate Feelings Of Anxiety And Become Healthier Parents

Parenting is a unique experience wherein every parent experiences feelings of anxiety. That’s why we have to help each other become healthier parents. Here’s how.

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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As parents, we all suffer from anxiety because we want to be the healthiest parents we can be for our kids or we want to be perfect parents. This has been trending more seriously these days because of all the parent influencers whose social media posts have gone viral; all of which tell us that we need to watch and imitate their versions of parent perfection.

However, social media is an illusion and parents should try to avoid embodying them. If we don’t, we can succumb to feeling anxiety and failure for doing things the ‘wrong way’. Sometimes, this feeling may escalate passed the point of control, which can clinically manifest into physical symptoms. It’s also important to note that mothers who go through postpartum depression are especially vulnerable to developing parenting anxiety. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to help alleviate these feelings and become healthier parents. Here’s a list of how to start!

1. Stop looking at ideals and picture-perfect parenting

Parents usually experience anxiety when they start to compare their accomplishments to others. Today, comparison becomes even more common due to social media and the projected image of perfect parenting. However, be assured that parenting is not a one size fits all journey. Your style of raising your kids should be governed by your comfort and compassion, not competing to meet impossible standards.

2. Find time to bond with your partner

One of the biggest dynamics that seem to make parents more anxious is becoming extremely busy and losing their connection. Many couples complain that they don’t get private time to themselves once the children arrive, which can lead to discord. While it may be difficult to establish the former routine of being just the two of you, making the effort to spend quality time together can work wonders. Not only does it help regulate your emotions and theirs, but also helps you receive the support and emotional safety you both need.

3. Take care of your mental health

Parenting anxiety may take time to show its physical symptoms but can start developing in very secretive ways long before you notice them. In times like these where help is easily accessible in holistic ways, support your mental health consciously. When you feel like the feelings are hindering you from showing up in your daily life, herbal concentrates like cannabidiol extracts can help you reduce your symptoms and help you heal. Getting CBD concentrates from a reliable dispensary today is as simple as finding a credible online dispensary.You can check here, if you want to buy highly effective products that fit your health concerns. When used in the prescribed doses, concentrates can also help you reduce insomnia and heart palpitations.

4. Retain your identity in simple ways

One of the main reasons why parents begin to feel anxious is the loss of their former selves. While parenting may lead to several lifestyle and mental changes, it doesn’t have to erode your identity as an individual. Make sure to retain rituals and habits that can help you fall back into your comfort zone when things get overwhelming. Your children are going to be their own persons, and the best way to teach them authenticity is by practicing your own.

The Takeaway

Parenting is a unique experience wherein every parent, at some point or another, experiences feelings of anxiety. As a member of the same community, we have to help each other become healthier parents, and remind one another to forgive ourselves when things don’t go as expected. After all, the goal is not to be the perfect parent, but to be compassionate and loving ones. Your children will appreciate your effort to meet their needs by connecting deeply rather than striving to get it right all the time.

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