How To Become A Self-Healer

Are you chronically stressed out, and unsure of how to make yourself better? Well here’s how to become a self-healer!

by Atomic Mommy Editors

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Dealing with stress may seem like a huge mountain when it’s right in front of you. While there
may be several areas of life that may be the cause of it, stress is a signal that is pointing toward
discomfort and breached boundaries. In order to help yourself cope better with your day-to-day
events, having a system in place is essential. If you don’t have one in place and are looking for
resources to help, this quick guide is the best place to get started. Take a look at the steps mentioned below to manage your stress better!

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1) Take scheduled breaks

It may seem difficult to let yourself breathe for a few minutes when you’re in the middle of work. However, not taking short breaks can make you more edgy and anxious in the long run. Take a five-minute break to walk a little and stretch your limbs. When you give your body some time to reset and regulate, the stress management capacity improves substantially. Make sure to grab a glass of water while you’re on your break to stay well-hydrated. Apart from this, create a schedule that allows you to indulge in deep rest.

2) Prioritize herbal medication

Finding the right herbs that can help you heal your stressed mind is one of the greatest gifts. Looking up cannabis supplements, strains and concentrates can aid in offering you multiple options to reduce any mental inflammation. There are also several tools that can be used to consume strains and buds directly if you’re thinking of getting recreational products. You can start by checking out dab rigs by thickassglass for high-quality beakers and bongs. The perfect complimentary product is one that makes your consumption smooth; glass beakers cool the vapor so as to give you immediate relief from stress.

3) Try automatic writing

This is a kind of journaling where you simply let your thoughts flow. All of us need a healthy outlet to channel our stress rather than resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Releasing stress by writing about it can help you organize your thoughts better. There can be nuggets of patterns and wisdom that you can find in these entries. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a sheet of paper and simply start writing about what’s running on your mind to stop them from spiraling into catastrophic thoughts.

4) Share your burdens

Usually, stress and anxiety can lead us to retreat into our shells, even if we show up in public. This means self-isolating, mentally shutting down, emotionally withdrawing from loved ones, and becoming disinterested in things we love. As isolating as this experience can be, it is imperative that we don’t let it take over and harm our self-esteem even more. In the long run, having a strong support system can help you ease the burden of carrying stress alone. Talk to a trusted friend or relative about the things bothering you, be it workplace tensions, relationship issues, or anything
else. Empathy can work miracles on your mental health.

The Takeaway

You don’t need a thousand-dollar course to re-route your life toward productivity and stress-free
operations. All you have to do is take stock of your current schedule and lifestyle and make the
changes that align with your healthiest version. In a few weeks, you will begin to see results!

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