Best Plugins For Your WordPress Site

If you are thinking of starting a WordPress blog or have one and don’t know which plugins to install, then this article is for you! Here are the best plugins for your WordPress site!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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Plugins are a great way to add fantastic features to your WordPress site. Without them, you could be missing out on some extremely valuable tools that help with speed efficiency, photo resizing, and email subscribers.

But there are so many plugins out there that it’s hard to narrow down which ones are actually a necessary for your site. And if you install too many, they can slow your site down significantly and possibly even crash it. So doing your homework on which plugins is best to install, is a required assignment.

Thankfully, after a few years of testing tried and true plugins and a few that were not worth the time, money, or effort, we’ve been able to gather some much needed intel for you. So without any further delay, let’s talk about which plugins you should install for your WordPress site.

#1 WP Rocket

As your site grows in content, products, photos, audio, video, and subscribers, your site could slow down. One of the best ways to keep your site running smoothly and quickly, is by installing WP Rocket. It helps cache your site’s files, offers to shrink your photos sizes for speed optimization, and more. So for the small cost annually, this plugin is worth it.

#2 Yoast SEO

Most new bloggers, and even some veteran bloggers, own sites but never practice Search Engine Optimization. This can cause your viewership to dwindle and keeps you from learning what content works and what doesn’t. With Yoast SEO’s plugin, you don’t have to do any type of SEO training. The plugin reviews your content for you, and tells you what needs to be fixed in order to be SEO ready.

#3 Site Kit By Google

If you have a blog or site, you’ll want to set up a Google Analytics account. More than that, you’ll also want to set up a Google AdSense account, Google Ads, Google Publisher, and other Google accounts for your site. Site Kit By Google is a great plugin to add to your WordPress site because it lets you keep all of your Google needs in one neat area. Here, you’ll find your analytics, your advertising earnings, and your content suggestions, which puts this plugin in the must-have list.

#4 Advertising Partner’s Plugin

Every advertising platform comes with a requirement of adding their ads.txt code to your site, and some, if not all, also require you to download and install their plugin as well. With that said, which plugin you need to download depends on which advertising partner you choose to work with. Over the years, we have worked with many ad partners, and as such, have had to install and delete and re-install several different plugins. As of today, our current ad partner is SHE Media, and we’d recommend them for their ease of use and laid-back earning capabilities.

#5 WooCommerce

Depending on what your site is about, you may have the need to install a shop. WooCommerce is much easier to integrate with WordPress and because of that, it is also easily integrated with dozens of other important plugins like ThriveCart, Etsy, Printify, and more. So if you want an easy to use shopping plugin, WooCommerce is your go-to.

#6 Elementor Pro

This plugin is the absolute best bang for your buck! It allows you to build your site page by page, block by block, so that it is custom to your wants and needs at every corner. Rather than choosing one of the cookie cutter themes that WordPress offers, Elementor Pro offers you pre-built templates for each of your pages. This eliminates the need for any deep dives into learning how to build a site from scratch. Hands down, this is the best plugin you will ever install!

The Takeaway

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it’s certainly a good starting point. Your WordPress site should run smoothly, look professional, and have all the bells and whistles. With the plugins we listed above, your WordPress site will have the look and feel like a professional website designer built your site!

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