5 Tips For Boosting Recovery After Exercise

Exercise is great for the body, and while it feels good, our muscles can feel quite sore in the days that follow. Here’s 5 tips for boosting recovery after exercise!

by Troop Atomic Mommy

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You probably already know all about the benefits of exercising. But sometimes, the day after a tough workout can be a struggle. One common reason why many people hesitate to continue a workout routine is because of the muscle ache they experience after exercising. While aches are a common side effect, it’s very uncomfortable. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to quit. If you’re tired of experiencing pain after a workout session, here are some ways to boost your recovery and continue exercising. 

#1 Take a cold bath

There’s a reason why you see athletes torture themselves in ice baths after a physically demanding activity. Taking a full-body plunge in cold water is an effective and quick way to reduce soreness and inflammation risk after working out, making it easier for your body to recover quickly. But if you hate the idea of cold or ice, the next option may sound more pleasing.

#2 Relax in a hot tub

From cold to warm, you can choose to relax in a hot tub instead. The warm water from the hot tub jets can massage your worn muscles, soothe them, and bring instant relief. And not only can they help ease aches and pains, but hot tubs can also reduce the risk of injury.

Alternatively, consider spending a little time in an infrared sauna. These saunas can increase blood circulation and assist your body in repairing and rebuilding faster after working out. There are loads of questions about the extra benefits of infrared saunas. For example, does infrared sauna burn fat? Does it offer pain relief? The evidence suggests that infrared saunas are excellent for pain relief while helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

#3 Use protein supplements for exercise recovery

An easier and less time-consuming option is to use protein supplements for exercise recovery. This option is particularly helpful if you can’t get the protein your body needs from a regular diet. Various studies have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of protein supplementation in facilitating muscle recovery after exercising.  

#4 Drink enough water

When you exercise, your body loses a lot of water through sweat, dehydrating you. Hydrating after working out is essential for several reasons. First, water will quench your thirst. But beyond that, it will help your body hydrate and make it easier for your muscles to recover as quickly as possible. Water also carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells and helps to regulate body temperature. And proper hydration promotes a stable heartbeat while normalizing blood pressure. 

#5 Get a massage

Few things are more soothing than a massage session after an exercise. Massages are effective in reducing post-workout muscle soreness, according to research. You can encourage your partner to give you a gentle body rub when you get back from a demanding workout. You can also find out if your local gym has professional massage services and take advantage of them. Another option is to visit a spa for a massage treatment after your exercise. 

The Takeaway

Boosting your recovery after a strenuous workout will help you sooth soar and aching muscles, plus enhance your desire to continue the routing. So before you give up because of a hard day at the gym, use some of the tips to help push yourself.

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